10 Reasons Why You Should Care About Infrascale’s Cloud Backup Accelerator

Yesterday, we announced the availability of the Cloud Backup Accelerator™, a cloud-centric approach to backup. We’re incredibly excited about this launch because it’s an entirely new approach to cloud backup and disaster recovery. The Cloud Backup Accelerator overcomes the internet bandwidth bottlenecks of traditional cloud backup and the shortcomings of appliance-based backup to deliver a specialized cloud gateway for backup.

You may be saying…But, you’re in marketing! You get excited at the drop of the hat.  Fair enough.  But, here’s 10 compelling reasons which may pique your interest too.blog-img-cost-comparison-500x400

1. Dramatically More Affordable: Cloud Backup Accelerator is 50% less expensive than competing hybrid backup technologies, both in terms of the device and cloud storage costs. Compare for yourself!

2. Cloud Ready for Large Datasets: Cloud backup, when combined with the Cloud Backup Accelerator, reduces time-to-protect and RTO by nearly 10X. Cloud Backup Accelerator makes it possible to use cloud backup to protect larger data sets up to 15 terabytes (per site) with recovery times measured in minutes and hours instead of days.

3. WAN Optimization: Our backup algorithms optimize network throughput of data between the appliance and the cloud, including traffic shaping, bandwidth limiting, over-the-WAN deduplication, and resilient-resumption technology. In fact, cloud backup is 5X faster than competing hybrid solutions.

4. Infinite Cloud Storage: Cloud Backup Accelerator enables customers to upload an unlimited amount of backups to the cloud, far in excess of the on-device storage capacity. Most backup appliances limit the cloud storage capacity to be no more than that of the appliance.

5. Eliminate the Mis-Sizing Risk: The general rule of thumb for appliances is to purchase twice the amount of storage needed to accommodate future data growth. This means the appliance is only fractionally utilized until data growth catches up with available capacity (which could take months). This places a premium on correctly sizing the appliance; otherwise, customers are forced to pay for an upgrade or swap out the appliance.

6. Intelligent Spillover: With traditional backup appliances, you are limited by the storage capacity of the box. With the Cloud Backup Accelerator, you can intelligently spillover to the cloud without having to worry about storage limits. With the Cloud Backup Accelerator, all data is replicated to the cloud and automatically removed locally (based on custom policies), so that the Cloud Backup Accelerator serves more like a cloud gateway or intelligent cache than a purpose-built backup appliance.

7. Keep Mission-Critical Data Local: Not all data is created equal. And, that’s why the Cloud Backup Accelerator allows administrators to treat data distinctly, intelligently segmenting the most critical, short RTO data and backing it up on-device, while routing previous backup jobs, such as smaller file/folder backups and less critical data, directly to the cloud. With the Flexible Storage Targeting policy engine, IT admins can segment and allocate mission-critical data for local storage. Since your mission-critical data is local, it can be quickly recovered over a fast LAN connection meeting the most stringent RTO requirements.

8. Simple Pricing: Our pricing is super simple: one SKU for the device and one for cloud storage. Compare this to leading hybrid appliances (e.g., Unitrends or Barracuda) which have hundreds of SKUs making product selection difficult and risky (given the high costs of choosing the wrong appliance).

9. Any Cloud: Don’t get locked into a vendor’s cloud. Cloud Backup Accelerator can be configured to run with the Infrascale cloud, a third-party cloud such as Amazon or Azure, or a private cloud.

10. Complete Data Protection: With the Cloud Backup Accelerator, you’re getting an integrated Data Protection Platform that includes cloud backup, archiving, and disaster recovery. This comprehensive platform protects data and applications no matter where they live, including physical and virtual servers, laptops/desktops, and mobile devices. In fact, we support more than 50 versions of operating systems, including Windows, Unix, Linux, AIX, VMware, Mac, and Android.

Ready to learn more?  We’re just a phone call or an email away. Feel free to call us at 310-363-7464 or email us at cba@infrascale.com.


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