Hurricane Data Protection

4 Lessons from a Hurricane Data Protection Veteran (EBOOK)

Tony Carollo, President of Data Shark Technologies has over 15 years experience helping companies with their data protection needs (and containing ransomware infections). Based in New Orleans, he is on a first name basis with companies that have lost their data due to major hurricanes.

Watching companies struggle to recover after data loss is why he advocates companies review their data protection/disaster recovery plan before the hurricane season starts. For 2016, many businesses are still recovering from hurricane ike, and leading climatologists are predicting increased hurricane activity for the rest of the season.

He knows many companies think about data protection after the fact and assume that their current data protection solution works. Download this ebook to get his top 4 data protection lessons to help protect your business during hurricane season.

You’ll learn about:

  • 2016 hurricane forecast predictions
  • Top 5 benefits of cloud backup
  • Top 3 questions to ask your cloud backup vendor
  • Server repair costs
  • Going beyond backup with new DRaaS solutions


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