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Kicking the Cyber Security Can down the Road

Over the weekend, a WannaCry decryption tool was released by parties unknown. While the tool has saved some people, it’s not always effective. According to The Hacker News, Adrien Guinet, a security researcher for Quarkslab, IT admins can make use of a flaw in the way WannaCry operates, thus allowing him to create a decryptor. […]

How one school decreased RTO and lowered disaster recovery costs

Business Challenge: Finding Simple, Affordable, and Rapid Disaster Recovery Forest Way School was facing new data protection challenges and demands that their legacy backup and disaster recovery infrastructure couldn’t meet. Like most schools, the amount of data they needed to protect had grown exponentially, along with the different devices and platforms that the data lives […]

Make the Case: Disaster Recovery as a Service [Infographic]

Disaster Recovery use to be something that only large enterprises could afford. It had a big scary price tag, and was even scarier to implement. Fast forward to now, and disaster recovery has evolved. It’s called Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) and these new cloud-based solutions are affordable and provide greater data protection without the […]

DRaaS Nirvana: Fact or Fiction?

The world of disaster recovery has made some quantum leaps over the last few years. Cloud computing, in particular, is helping companies of all sizes migrate applications from on-site systems to hosted environments accessible through the Internet. The cloud is now enabling organizations to safeguard critical resources from potential disruptions — whether they be micro […]

3 Things SMBs Need to Know About Disaster Recovery

According to a recent survey of IT decision makers at small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), business continuity (including data protection and recovery) was identified as a top IT challenge. So, if you’re starting to evaluate new disaster recovery solutions to address this challenge, here are some facts to help with your 2016 disaster recovery planning. […]

The Scariest Thing This Halloween: Using Backup as DR

Don’t worry we won’t “trick” you this Halloween and tell you that your server just crashed and you need to boot your exchange server in minutes. Instead we will share some scary downtime statistics and stories to help you build the business case to ditch backup as your DR solution and switch to new disaster […]

So Begins the Failover Revolution – DRaaS for Every Company

We can all relate to the power of “technology firsts”.   Your first smartphone.   The first time cloud technology made your life easier.  Maybe it was one that challenged your assumptions?  Or perhaps, it elicited the reaction, “Finally, this is how it should work.  And it’s so easy”. Whatever the feeling, you knew it was the fusion of technology […]

Top 5 Benefits of Cloud-Connected Appliances [Ebook]

As more organizations turn to cloud-based solutions, it’s no surprise that many are using cloud-connected appliances to solve their data protection challenges. But what does the growing trend of cloud-connected appliances (hybrid cloud backup if you’re fancy) really mean for your business? And how do they enable a new approach to backup, disaster recovery, and […]

How Much Does IT Complexity Cost?

IT complexity is one of the enterprise’s biggest challenges, affecting every facet of the organization – from employees to customers. But how do you define IT complexity and what is the impact? Lucky for us, Oracle commissioned IDC to look at organizations that simplified their IT environment and to develop an index to quantify IT […]