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Spring Cleaning Starts Early in 2018 – Disaster Recovery Release v6.13.2

Greetings! As part of our continued efforts to make using Infrascale a pleasant experience that simplifies your backup and disaster recovery lives, we’ve started spring cleaning early this year with the release of Infrascale Disaster Recovery (IDR) v6.13.2. Again, big thanks to all of our partners and admins that helped report these issues and find resolutions. Continue […]

Why ‘RTO’ is Key to Business Continuity

If you have never seen or heard the term ‘RTO’ in the context of your business continuity plans or tests, then this will give you a solid next step to ensure that you’re in a good position. Unfortunately, nearly 80% of all SMBs are in the same boat, which has been and continues to be […]

How WannaCry just made You a Bigger Target for Ransomware

If your only takeaway from the WannaCry ransomware attack is “gosh, we need a better patch management process” or “maybe, it’s time to move off these old operating systems,” then you’re probably a soft target for the next attack. This watershed moment signals a major and important shift in the evolution of ransomware. As a […]

99 problems but Automated Orchestration Ain’t 1

When it comes to your IT responsibilities, being able to recover data and maintain business continuity is among the most critical. But, there’s tradeoffs to factor in between cost, convenience and the benefit. That’s why “DR tests” become much maligned – they require too much work, time, and effort to properly execute.  Fortunately, technologies like […]

How Ransomware is Beating your Backup

Traditional approaches to backup and DR simply don’t work against ransomware It’s been over 2 hours since ransomware hit your business and you still have no update from your techs and none of your employees can work. After what seems like an eternity, your technician emerges with a not-so-confident look and sheepishly admits “the problem […]

Will Ransomware Force You to Fire Your Customers?

Ransomware’s effect on IT service providers can be just as damaging as the businesses hit. The imminent danger of ransomware is real.  Even those that don’t typically follow or cover tech news have probably heard of it and are rightfully concerned. In 2016, ransomware surpassed $1 billion in ransoms collected and inflicted $70 billion in […]

Early Warnings Key to Recovery in Ransomware Attacks: Introducing Anomaly Detection

While our enterprise cloud backup solution continues to help companies defeat ransomware, we’re excited to strengthen our platform with a new anomaly detection feature that will alert users and admins that something unusual is happening on their machines before the ransom is initiated. It’s an early warning system that enables companies to quickly isolate a ransomware […]

NEW Infrascale Product Announcement: VMware Backup Available Today!

Today, we are announcing an exciting, new addition to our backup and recovery solutions: hypervisor (host-level) VMware Backup, helping to complete our comprehensive Data Protection Platform.  More importantly, it provides our valued partners with a margin-rich, cloud-connected backup solution that is simple to purchase, deploy and use.  While VMware Backup supports all paid versions of VMware, Infrascale’s Data […]

NEW OBRM Release – v5.15 – German Language, Exclusions and Improvements

The Online Backup & Recovery Manager v5.15 has been released and is available for download in your dashboard. What’s new? Home Page GUI Changes On the home screen, we collapsed a couple options for help and information into a single menu option. Improved Deselection of Files/Folders for Backup When going through the backup setup wizard, and […]