Are you (or your customers) at risk for ransomware?

You’ve probably seen the stats by now.  More than 40% of business have been infected by ransomware this year. It’s become so profitable for cyber criminals that it’s expected to be $1 billion+ market by the end of 2016.

For partners looking to protect their customers, it’s pretty daunting because once a business is infected, despite all safeguards in place, there are only two options — pay the ransom or recover your files from a clean backup.  The problem with paying the ransom is that there’s no assurance that the data hijackers will give you the decryption key.  Plus, having paid once, you become a ripe target for follow-up attacks.

Making matters worse, new strains of ransomware are targeting your production databases and mission-critical applications on a regular basis.  Once those files get encrypted, most organizations are in real trouble.

Simple backup procedures will let you restore your production database, but it will take significantly more time and effort than if you had a modern DRaaS (cloud-based disaster recovery) solution in place. In fact, under ideal conditions, it may take an experienced IT administrator 4-5 hours to recover a production server using a recent backup. With a DRaaS solution, you can recover running systems and databases in minutes.

That’s a huge difference — and the impact of that downtime can be crippling.  The actual cost will obviously depend on the size and type of each individual organization. But, if you’re an SMB, 4-5 hours can cost as much as $100,000 per hour. For larger organizations, the costs are exponentially higher — some estimate the average hourly cost of downtime to be over $600,000.

That’s why we’re launching the microsite – AreYouaSoftTarget.com – to arm channel partners like you with the right guidance to protect their customers.  There’s a ton of useful information on the site that partners can use to get their customers to sit down at the table.  And it’s not just about our solutions, the fact is, organizations of all shapes and sizes – from the corner grocer to a multi-office law firm — need a layered approach to data recovery.  One that combines end user training, enterprise-grade AV protection, and cloud-based backup and disaster recovery.

If you’re an existing Infrascale Partner or perhaps looking to become one, I encourage you to check out the microsite. Be sure to take the “Are you a Soft Target” quiz then see how you can better engage your customers and protect their digital assets.

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