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Why is DRAAS a DRaaS-tically better defense against ransomware?

If your production database or mission-critical application gets infected, how long would it take you to recover?

When dealing with today’s ransomware threats, time is your worst enemy. The faster you can detect the encryption, the more time you have to take actions to restore your database or mission-critical application. Simple backup procedures will let you restore your production database, but it will take significantly more time than a modern disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) solution.

Compare the process of restoring a production database from a cloud backup vs. a modern DRaaS solution:


Here’s three tangible ways DRaaS can pay big dividends and quickly restore systems in the wake of a ransomware attack:

  1. Dramatically Faster RTOs. DRaaS solutions equip you with the ability to quickly failover productions systems by spinning up VMs or images in the cloud (or a local appliance) in minutes. Restoring your files from a clean backup will take 4-5 hours and that’s if the stars align. That’s a big difference — minutes vs. hours – and that difference can be catastrophic depending on the business and the transactions feeding your production databases.
  1. Quickly Pinpointing the Time of Infection. With a cloud backup, it takes a while to determine if your application has been corrupted. Admins must download the application files from the cloud (based on your most recent backup), rebuild, and then compile the database or application. If the application runs, then you know you have restored a clean copy; otherwise, you need to go back to your next recent backup and recompile. This can take hours. With DRaaS, admins can boot a production server and immediately verify whether the application is infection-free. If it successfully boots, then you have a clean image. This takes the guessing game out of “Is this a clean backup?”
  1. Built-in Orchestration. When it comes to restoring applications and production databases from a backup requires some planning and coordination. Leading DRaaS solutions include built-in failover orchestration that let you create predetermined failover plans for a group of replicated VMs, which can be to boot simultaneously or in a specific order.

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