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Most DRaaS vendors started out as cloud backup suppliers and have added the capability as part of their service. It is important for the IT professional to understand that their relationship with a DRaaS provider is fundamentally different than with a cloud backup supplier. In this Ebook, you will learn: 

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How DRaaS should simplify IT disaster recovery

The 5 things to look for in a DRaaS Solution

A 16 point checklist to help you evaluate DRaaS Solutions

What to look for in a DRaaS Solution

See how DRaaS solutions should address and simplify today's IT disaster recovery challenges. Fill out the form to the right to download this Ebook.  

Gartner estimates the DRaaS market will nearly triple in the next three years to a revenue point of $3.4 billion by 2019." 

By George Crump

Lead Analyst - Storage Switzerland


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