How one school decreased RTO and lowered disaster recovery costs

Business Challenge: Finding Simple, Affordable, and Rapid Disaster Recovery

Forest Way School was facing new data protection challenges and demands that their legacy backup and disaster recovery infrastructure couldn’t meet. Like most schools, the amount of data they needed to protect had grown exponentially, along with the different devices and platforms that the data lives on.

Also, Mark Lewis, Head of IT at Forest Way decided to virtualize their server infrastructure and this dramatically changed how they were doing backup and disaster recovery. Mark said, “Every time the senior leadership team reviewed our business continuity plan, I was getting grilled because what we had wasn’t comprehensive or affordable.”

Constricted by a tight budget and limited IT resources, Mark Lewis began taking steps to modernize the school’s backup and disaster recovery capabilities and solution. He needed to find one solution that would increase RTO, reduce costs, and protect a heterogeneous environment. Ease of use was also top of mind.

Learn how Forest Way selected Infrascale, lowered costs by 25%, and increased RTO from minutes to hours.

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