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As business needs change over the coming months, and one of the biggest challenges we all face is having more people working from home and most businesses moving to a largely remote workforce, we are here to help you in any way we can. When it comes to protecting your organization's data and ensuring that you have the most appropriate plans in place to ensure your business will remain fully operational in the unfortunate event that you need it, we've established a dedicated team to help you review your existing data protection strategy or simply discuss options to give you additional peace of mind.

Our dedicated team is available to discuss items including:

  • Your data protection needs, particularly given most organizations are now working from home
  • Your existing solution(s), to ensure it's right for your business and environment
  • Your current setup, to ensure you're appropriately protected
  • Data protection strategies to put in place, including testing, to ensure you're covered if you need it
  • Tactics to mitigate the economic effects of the current situation on your business

To organize a time to speak with one of our dedicated experts, simply fill out the form to the right and one of our team members will be in contact with you shortly. Or, you can speak with someone immediately by calling us directly on +1.877.896.3611.

We wish you all the very best during these trying times, and together we will get through it.


Infrascale's response plan to COVID-19 has been developed to help you navigate the relevant issues impacting your business, together.


Q: Do you expect COVID-19 to impact the availability of Infrascale products and services? 
A: No. We do not expect COVID-19 to impact the availability of Infrascale products and services.

Q: Do you anticipate any issues fulfilling customer orders due to supply chain issues? 
A: No. We locked in our supply chain some months ago and do not expect to have any issue fulfilling orders.

Q: What are the biggest concerns regarding data protection as it relates to COVID-19? 
A: There aren't specifically any new concerns related to COVID-19, just the heightened need for attention on existing concerns. For example, with so many more people working remotely, the need to ensure data is backed up appropriately has never been more importantly - and to ensure it's backed up completely, correctly and in a timely manner. There have also been an increasing number of malicious ransomware attacks related to COVID-19. With people's thirst for information on the topic,  and the increasing sophistication of attackers, the risk of compromise has significantly increased. The only real way to ensure protection against such attacks is to ensure you have an appropriate backup and disaster recovery solution in place.

Q: What offers are available from Infrascale to assist companies in need? 
A: We understand that current global environment presents challenges for us all. We are here to help in any way we can, so please contact us on the numbers listed above, or fill out the form, and we can discuss your specific situation and work together on a solution.

Q: What measures have you taken related to the COVID-19 situation? 
A: As a global organization that has employees and customers all over the world, we have been closely monitoring this situation for some time, and  have prepared our own action plan, which you can 
read on our blog