Make the Case: Disaster Recovery as a Service [Infographic]

Disaster Recovery use to be something that only large enterprises could afford. It had a big scary price tag, and was even scarier to implement. Fast forward to now, and disaster recovery has evolved. It’s called Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) and these new cloud-based solutions are affordable and provide greater data protection without the complexity.  For the first time, companies of all sizes can eradicate downtime with an affordable enterprise-grade disaster recovery solution.

So, how do you build the business case for Disaster Recovery as a Service?  IT and business leaders can start with this infographic filled with compelling stats to help you overcome the typical objections you’ve encountered when trying to get your company to adopt a disaster recovery solution.    For instance, did you know that 1 hour of downtime costs around $74,000 for a mid-size company? Or that with DRaaS, you can improve recovery times to minutes for $30,000?  Yes, with DRaaS, you are having a very different conversation about disaster recovery costs and ROI.

Disaster Recovery as a Service

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For the first time, small and medium-sized businesses can affordably eradicate downtime. No longer a luxury that’s just reserved for enterprises, SMBs can minimize business risk, ensuring their employees and customers are never affected from hardware failures, human error, or natural disasters.

Need help with your 2016 Disaster Recovery planning? Check out our Disaster Recovery Survival kit which includes:

  • ActualTech Media Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) 2015 Attitudes and Adoption Report
  • George Crump’s DRaaS Buyer’s Guide: 5 Must Ask Questions
  • Infrascale Cloud Failover Appliance Datasheet
  • Tech Brief: Infrascale Cloud Failover Appliance
  • Infographic: Top 25 DR Statistics
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  1. […] Check out this slideshow, courtesy of the folks over at Infrascale, outlining the business use cases for Disaster Recovery as a Service. DRaaS has allowed organizations of all shapes and sizes the security to recover in the event of a disaster, protocols which used to belong only to large enterprise companies. This presentation covers the following topics: DRaaS ROI, minimizing downtime costs, avoiding brand damage, improve recovery times, reducing recovery costs, reducing business risks and increasing security. Be sure to also have a look at the companion inforgraphic. […]

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