How one Healthcare Company Defeated Ransomware using Infrascale Cloud Backup

Tony Carollo, President of Data Shark Technologies has endured a busy season protecting his customers from ransomware infections. Recently, a medical insurance company called in a panic because their servers were infected with the cryptolocker virus. With the network under attack, mission-critical files and applications were inaccessible.

Tony Carollo knew he needed to act fast to contain the infection and get the  medical office access to their customer database and files. In addition to having the office take the proper post-ransomware infection measures (i.e. shut every computer down), he started working on the restore.   “The process to get the customer back up and running was really easy”, Carollo said. In the end, the medical insurance company didn’t have to pay a ransom and resumed business as usual.

The Power of Infrascale’s Cloud Backup Features

Tony was on vacation at the time of the attack but Infrascale’s web-based dashboard made it easy for him to initiate a restore remotely. He also commented that Infrascale’s unlimited versioning history sped up the recovery process and ensured that he was restoring from a clean backup.

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While it’s no secret that the healthcare industry (and their servers) are prime targets for cyber criminals, healthcare organizations can avoid ransomware downtime with the proper cloud backup (Start your free trial) and disaster recovery as a service (watch a demo) solutions.  Download the Ultimate Ransomware Playbook to learn how to protect your company from ransomware, especially when your anti-virus, firewall, and employee education programs fail.

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