Release Notes

DPC – Desktop & Mobile

Online Backup for Windows v6.8.0 (03/21/2017)

  • BareMetal backup using Paragon software
    • Option to specify ADK location (if installed in non-default folder)
    • Change format of backup storage from PVHD to VMDK, more user friendly folder structure
    • Retention policy based on backups age
    • Ability to specify how often do a Full and Incremental backups
    • Backup to a special path in the cloud
  • UpdateNotifier
    • Install new version upon click on “new version is available” message


  • Files backed up from mapped drive and then deleted from cloud are not re-backed up
  • Incorrect backup size calculation. Skipped and excluded files are shown on the tree view of files selected for backup
  • Various UI fixes and improvements
    • Flickering during entering email address for reports
    • Backup progress typo: “will exclude files..” displayed for excluded folders
    • Misplaced description for Email address and End time fields
    • Artifact on search view of recovery wizard
    • Default value for From filter on recovery wizard is always 26.05.2016
    • Adjusted search button height and layout of recovery wizard
    • Broken validation of “End at:” value on the last step of recovery wizard
    • “Available languages” dropdown list is too narrow and short
    • Other improvements/fixes

Online Backup for Mac v3.6.1 (01/24/2017)


  • Unable to resolve IP address
  • Excessive logging – turn off debug mode

Online Backup for Mac v3.6.0 (01/18/2017)

  • Multi-factor Authentication support
  • Application is 64-bit now
  • UI changes for Progress and Backup status windows


  • Re-backup files that were deleted from the cloud using Dashboard or agent on other device
  • No usage quota check for scheduled backup
  • Search issues on recovery page
  • Schedule backup screen issues
  • Upgrade issue on OS X v.10.12

Online Backup for Windows v6.7.2 (01/18/2017)


  • Crash after login if a broken task exists in Windows Tasks Scheduler

Online Backup for Windows v6.7.0 (01/11/2017)

  • Automatic configuration option
  • Fail over for OBRM (web calls during backup server interactions)
  • Implement restrictions for SOS Personal backup accounts:
    • Disable Advanced folder, Exchange and SQL backup types
  • Protected File Type Filters:
    • Added wildcards support
    • Moved from “Advanced options” menu to “Select files to protect” step of the Wizard
  • Added the option to omit the account name when starting the backup using console command “sosuploadagent.exe backupnow”
  • Migration from .Net FrameWork v. 4.0 to v.4.5
  • UI optimizations – menu opening delay, restyled next and back buttons, etc.
  • Send out notification email with a list of files for deletion by Advanced Folder retention policies


  • Cannot select TEMP folder for SQL Backups
  • Remove “confirm password” filed if “Backup even when Windows user is not logged on” selected
  • Path to files in the cloud differs from a path at NAS device
  • Backup failure with OutOfMemoryException for large backup sets

Online Backup for Windows v6.6.1 (12/8/2016)


  • Application crash in case of internet connection issues during backup wizard use
  • UI issue on the backup Wizard

Online Backup for Windows v6.6.0 (11/9/2016)

  • Added Multi-factor authentication (MFA) via email or phone. Available for SOS Business Cloud and SOS for Partners (see the knowledge base article: How to enable MFA)
  • Bandwidth throttling – added option to enable it for specified week days and/or time
  • Default value of scanner option to skip large files was increased from 5Gb to 20GB
  • During first installation, our application will use windows display language as default
  • Protect delta with baseline hash instead of ID
  • Re-backup files deleted on backup server or from other device, except files backed up from mapped drive


  • Re-backup files that were deleted from the cloud using Dashboard or agent on other device (data from the mapped drives not affected by this fix. this issue will be resolved with v.6.6.1)
  • Improved upload speed, fixed performance issues during backup of large MS Exchange databases
  • Login failure in case if desktop icon 256×256 pixels set in Rebranding section
  • Cannot save backup set after de-selecting a folder and selecting its sub-folder
  • Danish translation errors
  • Failure in case if recovery lasts more than 24 hours
  • Inaccurate backup set size – excluded sub-folders are not taken into account

Online Backup for Mac v3.5.0 (9/23/2016)

  • Added Danish and Swedish languages support
  • Added ability to back up locked files
  • Added ability to pause the backup and recovery when closing the laptop lid and to resume this after opening
  • Optimization for upload and recovery on unstable Internet connection


  • Sockets now excluded from the backup set
  • Files not backed up again after deleting system using the recovery wizard
  • Proper handling of timeouts during connection with the server
  • Update of the local database during MAC client upgrade

Online Backup for Windows v6.5.1 (8/17/2016)

  • Danish and Swedish localization
  • Go to Web portal link moved from Menu to underneath the View/Restore button
  • Display logs option moved to the Menu
  • Scan all folders is default backup option
  • Send email reports at the end of the backup is not selected by default


  • Rebranding issues
  • Local database lock by cross-process sync
  • Inaccurate total size of recovered files

Online Backup for Windows v6.5.0 (07/18/2016)

  • Multi-threaded recovery
  • Network throttling for backup speed
  • New retention policy for behavior when files are deleted from the machine
  • VSS (open-file) support for advanced folder backup
  • Advanced Folder Backup: ability to delete file versions for Temporary (Cloud Time-Limited) policy
  • Advanced Folder Backup: ability to delete files by Backup date for Temporary (Cloud Time-Limited) policy


  • Improved UI for DPI more then 100%
  • Advanced Folder Backup scheduled jobs run just once
  • Advanced backup for one folded changes scheduled time for another folder
  • Fix text label on retention policy
  • File not found error appears during multithreading recovery
  • Folder backup-Replicate is not working for files with changed modification date but unchanged content
  • Exchange backup: backup fails with “Error occured during database reupload”
  • Progress bar shows invalid data if previous version is recovered instead of selected one

Online Backup for Windows v6.4.3 (04/26/2016)

  • Update “SSL Options” screen
  • Feature request: “Time-Limited Backup” and “Cloud Time-Limited Backup” retention policies – explanations are ambiguous
  • Ability to limit backup due to account quota


  • Files from re-upload list which failed to backup appear in UI and backup reports
  • Some files are downloaded twice during recovery
  • Remote backup policy doesn’t override “File and Folder” retention policy set in PC client
  • Files with the same name as folder are not shown in recovery tree
  • Change “x” button to “Clear” in Recovery View
  • Path to files in the cloud differs from the path at NAS device
  • UI failure “ObjectDisposedException: Cannot access a disposed object.”
  • Backup Service sometimes doesn’t start. Service startup type changed from Automatic to Delayed Start (delay time = 2 min). If backup starts from UI within 2 minutes from Windows start, then service forcibly starts and start backup.  If backup starts by schedule within 2 minutes from Windows start, then backup starts after service started with delay.
  • Exchange backup – check DB status before backup. If DB status  = FailedAndSuspend then we do not backup this DB
  • Exchange VSS writer is in faulty state after first backup
  • The GUI cuts off the SQL DB name and the customer can’t tell which DB is being protected
  • Unable to save backupset after disabling Live Protect for file
  • Remove second desktop icon. “Online Backup and Recovery Manager.lnk” will be removed after first login in to application
  • Upload agent UI is not updated when there are 100K of failed files
  • Unhandled exception during advanced folder backup
  • Hide F&F retention policy settings for SOS Home build

Online Backup for Mac v3.4.1 (04/26/2016)

  • Main focus of this release is backup process stability and reliability:
    • Backup can continue even when network connection is lost for several hours
    • Backup engine successfully handles many other temporary problems with network connection
  • Recovery logic is more failure tolerant
  • New monitoring event is sent when backup is configured


  • Application doesn’t start automatically after clean installation
  • When you select your Mac for backup all network folders unexpectedly  become part of your backup set
  • High memory consumption. Unable to finish backup on Mac with 2GB RAM
  • Recovery progress stops if a file is corrupted/missing on backup server
  • Unobserved Task exception is thrown after cancelling the backup session during hashes calculation
  • Crash after logout
  • Endless upload of files
  • “File was already modified” error during backup causes dead loop
  • Scheduled backup crashes when some file is being recovered at the moment

Online Backup for Windows v6.4.0 (02/08/2016)

  • Encrypt installation ID with machine specific key
  • Switch to Full backup when SQL server reports that deferential one is impossible
  • Make Replicate retention policy to delete previous versions of the files only after fully successful backup
  • Block install of 6.4 on Win XP and Win 2003
  • Changed maximum value of field Keep Last days for SQL backup from 365 to 9999 days


  • Cannot create a VSS copy during backup locked files
  • SQL Backup fails when Temp folder is configured as network share
  • LiveProtect: new version is backed up even if file is not changed
  • Exchange: Never ending backup
  • Non English localization causes Exchange backup to fail
  • Files on mounted folders (reparse points) are skipped during back up
  • Get access to files SYSTEM doesn’t have access to
  • Memory usage is high when you create several XmlSerializer
  • Replicate policy works incorrectly when UNC paths configured from Dashboard
  • Email reports are not showing error if the drive with cache folder is absent
  • Error is displayed when expanding server when protecting a network folder
  • AlphaFS Access denied errors for files which are not accessible without explicit elevation to Administrator via Windows Explorer

Online Backup for Windows v6.3.0 (11/18/2015)

  • Retention policy for File & Folder backup: retain files in my cloud backup for X days since they were last modified, then delete them.
  • Displaying size of folders at cloud data browsing
  • Ability to see more failed files in the last backup details
  • Clear cache immediately when user saves changes in caching settings
  • Send “Backup Configured” event to monitoring after backup is configured and saved
  • Security improvements
  • Local Backup and Recovery is hidden on Windows XP


  • Improved refresh speed of cloud data during recovery
  • Whole backup fails if there is one file without a name (or with unsupported symbols in the name) is in the backup set
  • Unable to set up Hourly frequency in backup scheduler
  • Failed to send backup email report when there are files with illegal characters
  • Backup failing with error message “Could not find [sosuploadagent] for [NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM]”
  • Skipped due to illegal chars files are not counted in Total Files but counted as Failed Files
  • Increased Exchange backup upload speed
  • Increased stability of Exchange backup
  • Exchange “keep latest” policy is not replacing files on server
  • Exchange Public Folder Databases are not backed up
  • Update Notifier crashes with unhandled exception
  • Update notifier doesn’t work if there is a cancelled account in local database
  • Live Protect feature stops working after reboot on different Windows versions

Online Backup for Mac v3.3.1 (11/04/2015)

  • FIXED: Unable to recover files on OS X 10.11

Online Backup for Windows v6.2.3 (10/6/2015)

  • Ability to see more failed files in the last backup details on the monitoring page
  • Send new event to monitoring after backup is configured and saved
  • FIX: recover files due to small connection timeout
  • FIX: set up Hourly frequency in Backup scheduler

Online Backup for Mac v3.3.0 (9/21/2015)

  • Upgrade automatically from old versions 2.x to 3.x
  • Restart recovery If file fails to recover with OverflowException

Online Backup for Windows v6.2.2 (9/18/2015)

  • FIX: Backup errors due to permissions issues are now registered in logs and monitoring services.
  • FIX: Network Connections are not closed when you finish wizard
  • FIX: When encountering files with empty or invalid names, these files are skipped and the backup will continue.

Online Backup for Windows v6.2.1 (9/10/2015)

  • Network folder now is backed up if entire network location is selected
  • Fixed timeout error at communication between upload agent screen and backup service

Online Backup for Windows v6.2.0 (8/14/2015)

  • Windows 10 support 
  • Disabled backup of OST files, removed from scanner
  • Added Dutch Language Option
  • Changed general error message for failed files to include more instruction
  • Desktop Icon Name Rebranding added

Online Backup for Windows v6.1.3 (8/5/2015)

Bug Fixes:

  • Re-upload chunk in case of CRC mismatch error

Online Backup for Windows v6.1.2 (8/3/2015)

Bug Fixes:

  • Issues with EGR Licenses not working
  • Upload of large files fails with TimeOutExceptions

Online Backup for Windows v6.1.1 (7/16/2015)

Bug Fixes:

  • “PathTooLongException” error on deleting files
  • Wrong monitoring data when EDB file backup is failed with CRC error
  • SQL backup cannot work with named instances
  • Fixed case when PC client couldn’t connect to the instance having the same name as the server
  • Changed display of default instance to MSSQLSERVER
  • MS Exchange backup fails for database on the mounted point

Online Backup for Mac v3.2.0 (6/18/2015)

  • Two types of build: Online Backup (for SOS customers) and Online Backup And Recovery Manager (for Partners) “Online Backup And Recovery Manager” build has generic static rebranding

Online Backup for Windows v6.1.0 (6/18/2015)

  • Auto-upgrade
    • If at least one account on PC with auto-upgrade option is found, update notifier will automatically download and upgrade the client once update is available
    • If all accounts are set not to auto-upgrade, old behavior (balloon) will apply
    • Upgrade will be rescheduled for one hour if backup is running
  • Poll Advanced Folder Backup settings on timer
  • Add an option to run single backup ignoring policy
    • Check-box “Ignore central policy for this run” is added to the last step of Files & Folders backup wizard
    • When it’s checked, it’s impossible to setup schedule or non-interactive backup mode
    • When check-box is on, backup runs right after wizard finish ignoring remote policy
  • Recover latest working version if the last one is not recoverable.If the last version of a file is not found on server (corrupted/missing etc) client will request an earlier version. This is done automatically until working version is found.
    User is informed in Recovery window if recovery failed and which version was recovered instead
  • Enabled MS SQL Server and Exchange backup options for SOS Business build

Online Backup & Recovery Manager Business v6.0.1

  • CPU overhead by Remote Control
  • “Invalid character in path” exception stops the whole backup process
  • Maximum upload chunk size has been decreased from 16 MB to 4 MB

Online Backup & Recovery Manager Business v6.0

  • Spanish, Spanish (Mexico), Italian, Portuguese(Brazil) localization
  • Updated look for the login screen
  • In-application MS SQL Server backup prerequisites installation
  • Dedicated monitoring events for every Advanced Backup folder
  • File-level errors info in monitoring events

Online Backup & Recovery Manager Consumer v6.0

  • Spanish, Spanish (Mexico), Italian, Portuguese(Brazil) localization
  • Updated look for the login screen
  • File-level errors info in monitoring events

Online Backup & Recovery Manager v6.0

  • 3-5X backup speed improvement
  • Spanish and Portuguese language support
  • Auto-install SQL Pre-requisites
  • Updated GUI login screen
  • Various bug and performance improvements

Online Backup & Recovery Manager v5.17.1

  • Fixed issue that prevented backups from running on Win XP Machines (v5.17.0 only).
  • Fixed issue with modification of MS SQL and MS Exchange scheduled backup times.
  • Online Backup & Recovery Manager v5.17.0
  • FIXED: FIPS compliance
  • FIXED: More Exchange Retention Policies
  • FIXED: Advanced Folder backup set is moved from local DB to server DB
  • FIXED: General MD5 algorithm is replaced with custom one

Online Backup & Recovery Manager v5.15.1

  • FIXED: Exchange Kerberos issue
  • FIXED: Backup email reports are not sent to “” domain
  • FIXED: If VSS files copy fails on one file then all other are skipped

Online Backup & Recovery Manager v5.15

  • New Language Option – German
  • File-exclusion filter based on file modification date
  • Ability to deselect sub-files/folders as exclusions from entire parent dir selection but still protect newly added files/folders.
  • Recovery UX Improvements
  • GUI adjustments
  • Bug-fixes

Online Backup & Recovery Manager v5.14.2

  • Remote Control optimization
  • Editable “Domain” combo-box on Windows Authentication form
  • Added possibility to provide Exchange authentication method in config file
  • “Forgot your password?” link goes to Reset Password page instead of Request Password page

Online Backup & Recovery Manager v5.14

  • UltraSafe MAX
  • Exchange 2013 Backup Support
  • New Home page design

Online Backup & Recovery Manager v5.13

  • Bandwidth throttling controls
  • Monitoring support for ShadowProtect backup jobs

Online Backup & Recovery Manager v5.12

  • Added account-level deduplication.
  • Added enforcement for account usage.
  • Performance enhancements for large accounts.
  • Fixed issues with backup and recovery of files with long file paths.
  • Added Retention settings for CSV file reports.

Online Backup & Recovery Manager v5.10

  • Backup Speed Improvements
  • SQL 2008 R1 & 2012 Support
  • ImageStream Retention Policies
  • Convert Backup Agent to run on .NET 4.0+

Online Backup & Recovery Manager v5.9.0

  • Native SQL Backup with Local Backup Option (2008, 2008 R2, 2012)
  • Local Backup Option for Native Exchange Backup (2010)
  • Fixed Issues with Larger Exchange DB Backup
  • RMM Support via Writing to Event Logs
  • File-level reporting per Backup Session in Advanced Tab
  • Option to enable/disable transfer over SSL
  • Fixed Speed Display on Upload Summary Screen

Online Backup & Recovery Manager v5.5.0

  • Network Location support for ImageStream Backups
  • Cache Warning Message during backup set selection
  • USB Drive Support for File & Folder Backup & for ImageStream Backup
  • Email Reporting for ImageStream Backup
  • Ability to set a backup “end-time” in the wizard
  • Cancel and Pause Backup from Upload Agent

Online Backup & Recovery Manager v5.4.0

  • “ImageStream” wizard designed to protect Shadow Protect Images offsite
  • Central Deployment via MSI + MST: MSI can be setup to deploy OLBR Application across a Network
  • Central Management: Backup Scanner Settings can be modified from dashboard via Backup Policies
  • Machine name and username are added to subject of backup report emails
  • FIX: Handle VSS errors while backup running

Appliance OS (all forms) – v6.7.3.8 (5/2/16)

Enhancements & improvments:

  • Added support for BitLocker for DR Image and Hyper-V Backups
  • Relaxed version requirements for replication
  • Improved transfer rates for DDFS Assisted Replication.
  • Fixed an issue where offline disks would cause DR Image backups to fail.
  • fix updates in presence of encrypted raid
  • Grub config defaults to debug entry in 6.7
  • Do not require to forward port on customer’s firewall to configure replication
  • Relax version check for non-cloud replication
  • Globals default values might be read incorrectly
  • Region Lookup: vDPA UI requires refresh to show the available regions after first deploy

Appliance OS (all forms) – v6.7.3.8 (5/2/16)

Enhancements & improvments:

  • Enhanced DR Image and Hyper-V Incremental backups
  • Fixed an issue where a backup failure would report as success
  • Fixed an issue where a Hyper-V host could be added more than once
  • Fixed an issue where Hyper-V backups would leave .avhdx files behind.
  • Fixed an issue where webui would fail to finishing loading after a reboot.
  • Backups of Hyper-V VM’s with RDM disks will now have the disks skipped instead of failing the backup.

Appliance OS (all forms) – v6.7.2.56 (4/4/16)

Enhancements & improvments:

  • Added support for Hyper-V in Windows 10
  • Fixed an issue where the combined installer would uninstall the old DR Image software and not install the new version
  • Fixed an issue where the CFA / vCFA could be used in NTPD amplification attacks
  • Fixed an issue where a system disk would report out of temperature spec
  • Fixed an issue where after installing DR Image software and rebooting, an error message was recorded in the Windows Event Logs
  • Fixed an issue where DR Image backup would fail on clustered disks.
  • Fixed an issue where Hyper V incremental backup jobs could be slower than a full.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Hyper V incremental backup jobs to fail if the VM has an empty disk.

Appliance OS (all forms) – v6.7.1.46 (2/29/16)

Enhancements & improvments:

  • Added support for being able to boot on appliance jobs with Windows XP/2003 and more than four disks.
  • It is now possible to re-register an appliance with a different dashboard account.  The appliance will be removed from the previous account’s dashboard, and added to the new one.
  • Fix for windows 10 compatibility.  No longer need to use “Compatibility Mode” work around.
  • Fix for not being able to restore orphaned VM Jobs.
  • Added warning when using push client installation if KB958488 is not installed, the installation of .NET4 will require a reboot.
  • Push install of agent will now update agent settings if trying to push install over an existing installation of the same version.
  • Fixed archive tab progress bars.  When both archiving and reimporting have finished, they will correctly show the progress as 100%.
  • Fixed the Status and Health columns on the Hyper-V tab.
  • Added option to “Skip Independent Persistent Disks”, so any VMDKs in a VM that aren’t in Independent-Persistent mode can still be backed up.
  • Browse and download from cloud service works for some file systems in DR Image and Hyper-V jobs.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause network settings to not apply correctly if too many changes were made in the System > Settings > Devices page at once.
  • DR-Image is now installed as part of the agent installation in Windows, and doesn’t have its own installer any more
  • Fixed a bug where an incremental backup of a Hyper-V VM that has been deleted from the host would erroneously be reported as a success.
  • Added option to list specific drive letters to include in DR-Image jobs, excluding all others.
  • Added better progress indicators to the push agent install dialog.
  • Fixed network settings to not allow “export virtual” and bonding to try to take each other’s interfaces.
  • Added warning to UI that changing the settings in System > Settings > NAS page can prevent some types of backups from working, and that the feature may be removed in future releases.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Archive tab progress to show currently archiving job as “null”.
  • Fix for not being able to select a windows client to use as the Hyper-V connection in some circumstances.
  • Added option to the appliance’s local console screen to reset networking to default (DHCP, no bonding, no export virtual) for use if changing network settings locks the user out of the web interface.
  • Added buttons to UI to allow DNS, IP, and Proxy to be configured from web interface before attempting to validate subscription license during provisioning.
  • Fixed a bug that caused DR-Image jobs to run on schedule even if schedules were disabled globally by setting the Job Schedules option to disabled on the Jobs > Settings tab.
  • Improved mouse interaction in VNC window for some Jobs booted on the appliance.
  • Critical Security update for glibc buffer overflow issue CVE-2015-7547.

12/27/15 — Appliance OS (all forms) – v6.7.0.727

The major additions include:

  • Support for backup & restore of Hyper-V environments (VIDEO COMING SOON)
  • Cloudboot support added for Linux VMs
  • Localboot support for Virtual Data Protection Appliances (vDPA)
  • Support for file-backup of Win 2012 R2 environments with deduplicated volumes
  • Support for vSphere (VMware) v6 now fully tested and qualified
  • Support to setup Clients for Windows Servers directly from DPA (push install, no remote access needed)

The major improvements include:

  • Performance improvements for cloudboot
  • Performance improvements for local boot
  • Fixed incorrect tooltips
  • Fixed an issue with Browse/Restore (file-level) of DR Image Backups
  • Fixed issue when editing multiple clients
  • Added support to change appliance license types (via Support)
  • Various minor fixes and improvements


08/31/2015 — Appliance OS (all forms) v6.5.0.141

Enhancements & Improvements:

  • Launched cloud replication services in the European Union & South America
  • Added ability to choose cloud replication region
    • North America
    • Germany
    • Brazil
  • Added support to deploy vDPA in Hyper-V
  • Added support for the file level Browse and Restore of DR Image Backups
  • Added support for Windows 10
  • Fixed and issue where locally booted VMs that where powered off restarted when the appliance was restarted
  • Fixed WebUI issue when creating / editing a schedule
  • Fixed sorting in CloudBoot tab
  • Fixed an issue where the agent was incorrectly reporting the version on Windows 8.1
  • Fixed an issue where enabling replication encryption would prevent replication from working
  • Renamed the cloud Backup Accelerator to DPA 1200
  • Changed default Cloud Replication mode to delta

June 1 2015 — Version Enhancements & Improvements :

  • Added new Boot Tab that allows you to boot VMware backup jobs directly on the appliance.
  • Added a warning when deleting a client but leaving jobs orphaned and automatic delete of orphaned jobs is enabled.
  • Fixed bug that could cause firewall to activate when applying replication settings.
  • Fixed bug that could cause firewall to not activate until appliance rebooted.
  • Fixed malformed manifest entry in vDPA OVA file.
  • Updated appliance Virtualization system to improve reliability of Active/Active appliance and enable Boot Tab.

Version Enhancements & Improvements:

  • Added support for remote access from Infrascale Dashboard
    • Remote Connection can be managed from Management Console
    • Notifications when Remote Session is Active
  • Added support for Block Deduplicated Assisted Replication (DDFSAR in UI)
    • Increased performance for VM replication
    • Enabled by default for new and existing replication systems
  • Introducing support for CloudBoot from the Cloud Management Console
    • Ability to boot cloud replicated Windows Server VM’s in the cloud
    • Ability to export and download Windows Server VM’s booted in the cloud
    • See user guide for further information and requirements
  • Added enhancements for new client creation
  • Added Block Deduplication enhancements
  • Fixed missing Icons in Cloud Management Console
  • Fixed restore ability of VM’s with E1000e vNIC
  • Fixed issue in Replication tab where Transfer Format column would not sort
File Sharing

File Sharing (8/16/2016)

  • NEW: Support added for new company folders API
  • FIXED: Application crashed after sharing root of Syncrelation
  • FIXED: Application crashed after creation Syncrelation to system Users folder
  • FIXED: Probable file conflicts under certain conditions

File Sharing MAC 2.3 (11/09/2015)

  • NEW: Various usability improvements of user interface
  • NEW: Lazy loading in the remote directories tree (speedup)
  • Fixed minor bugs and stability issues

File Sharing 2.3 (11/05/2015)

  • NEW: Separated progress bar and events history for each sync folder in the main window
  • NEW: Constant space usage statistic in the main window
  • NEW: Various usability improvements of user interface
  • NEW: Automatic suggestion of remote folder in the Add Sync Folder window
  • NEW: Lazy loading in the remote directories tree (speedup)
  • FIXED: Folder sharing issue (in case of sync folder root)
  • Fixed minor bugs and stability issues


File Sharing 2.2 (09/23/2015)

  • Files are uploaded to root folder instead of collaborated one
  • PC: Don’t sync files that are write-locked
  • Wrong account after admin login
  • Download whole folder as zip archive
    • Now it is possible to download whole folder as zip archive
    • Possible to download few files as zip archive
    • There is no action to download as zip archive for one file
  • Search in collaborated folders and files
  • Fix “Activity” record duplication, remove unneeded reports
  • PC client mustn’t be shown during start Windows
  • WEB: Remove recursive “zipped” events from Activity
  • WEB: Broken Admin menu in Subadmin accounts
  • WEB: After uploading to SharePoint folder, used space on filelocker is incremented
  • PC/WEB: Version checks, Disallow new PC/MAC with old Cloud
  • WEB: Shared link don’t show subfolders for anonymous users
  • WEB: Download whole folder (shared folder view)
  • MAC: Release (and any additional testing)
  • Web: Storage space doesn’t increase after delete and expired content from Web
  • UI improvements (uploader section)
  • PC: Encrypt ultrasafe password locally
  • WEB: New DB access layer, framework
  • Web: Search in Company folders and files (except CIFS and SharePoint)
  • WEB: User report

File Sharing 2.1.2 (09/14/2015)

  • PC/WEB: Version checks(update channel migration)
  • MAC: UI glitches
  • MAC: Incorrect working of the client v.2.1.1.x after upgrade from (released version)

File Sharing 2.1 (08/18/2015)

  • Fast sync (lower disk, memory, CPU usage, less network traffic, faster update of client machine with changes from server)
  • Changed: API speedup
  • New: Group support for external folders
  • Enable missing features for freemiums

File Sharing 2.0.15 (07/29/2015)

  • Preview for doc/docx/xls/xlsx is available

Desktop (Win) version (06/08/2015)

  • MOBILE: Enable Viewing & typical actions for Company Folders
  • PC: Release hotfix 2.0.13
  • Different issues when connection lost
  • Possible DB inconsistency

Cloud v1.1.132 (06/05/2015)

  • New: An ability to re-send invitation email
  • New: files in SharePoint / CompanyFolders / CIFS can now be shared via web
  • Fixed: Mobile client now correctly displays multi-page document previews
  • Fixed: Uploaded file details were shown incorrectly for incoming folder

Desktop (Win) version (06/08/2015)

  • UI: Add visual signs for permissions
  • Add Core support for permissions
  • Sync of Company Folders

Cloud v1.1.129 (04/24/2015)

  • New: Group Support
  • New: CIFS storage mounts support
  • New: Passwords are now preserved for password protected shared folders navigation
  • Changed: Better file name filtering
  • Fixed: Downloads are logged twice/anonymousely
  • Fixed: Incorrect download link for PC client
  • Fixed: Missed SSLCertificateChain
  • Fixed: “User added” email is not sent
  • Fixed: Sometimes adding phone number breaks whole cloud
  • Fixed: Emails can be reused more than 2 times

Desktop (Win) version (04/01/2015)

  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

Version 2.0.8

  • Various bugs and performance improvements
  • Group Support Improvements

Version 2.0.6

  • FIXED: False-positive “Internet connection lost/restored” message
  • FIXED: Cannot sync empty file
  • NEW: Tooltip with application name and version for system tray icon
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

Version 2.0.5

  • We changed the product name to Filesharing, you’ll also see this change reflected in the Windows menu options. fs_logo
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

Dashboard v6.4.0 (10/23/2015)

  • Account cleanup: email notification
  • FIXED: Backup account size change removes backup policy
  • FIXED: Some folders are not shown on the Browse Cloud Data view

Dashboard v6.3.0 (9/23/2015)

  • Account cloud data cleanup by “modified date”
  • Security improvements
  • Ability to remove monitoring events for child entity devices
  • Ability to see more failed files in the last backup details on the monitoring page
  • Ability to change password for ultrasafe/ultrasafemax accounts
  • Critical security issue is eleminated
  • All accounts are monitored now
  • FIX: User is redirected to login page after session expiration

Dashboard v5.18 (3/19/2015)

  • Completed Localization for End-user Role in Dashboard
  • MSI Builder now has generic certificate

Dashboard v5.18 (2/27/2015)

  • From the View/Manage Companies page, click a Company name to see a new* summary data and event information page.

Dashboard v5.18.0.1725 (2/24/2015)

  • Feature Send email on system/drive/folder/file deletion is completed
  • Now when deleting the systems/drives/folders/files from PD, the Email is sent to backup account mail box
  • Feature 2 Email Templates were added

Dashboard v5.18.0.1728 (2/26/2015)

  • Feature PD: Send warning/alert when account quota is over

Dashboard v5.18.0.1731 (2/26/2015)

  • Feature SupportDashboard: Fix allowed number of threads for Entity or Backup account