Ransomware Victims : A Tale of Two Ransomware Victims

I have often touted how DRaaS should be deployed to mitigate the damage, downtime, and data loss associated with a ransomware attack.  But, when one of our partners, Pervasive Solutions, had two clients hit by ransomware victims within 24 hours, it offered powerful real-world evidence of the power of DRaaS.

You can read the entire case study here: Pervasive Solutions Case Study. But, here’s the abridged version.

Pervasive Solutions is a Victor, New York-based managed services provider, information security consulting firm, and Infrascale partner.  Just after Thanksgiving last year, two of their clients – one was a retailer and the other, a local manufacturer – were targeted with ransomware.  The actual company names have been obscured since these companies don’t want the fact that they were infected to be on the public record.  This is pretty typical and why many experts believe the ransomware threat to be much larger and pervasive (pun intended) than has been reported.

What makes this story especially interesting is that the manufacturer was protected with Infrascale Disaster Recovery; the other wasn’t.  And this distinction made a huge difference when it came to Pervasive’s ability to recover their clients’ data and systems.

Here’s a quick snap shot of the results:


The key stat in this table is the amount of time required to get each client fully operational post infection. With our DRaaS solution, Jason Miglioratti, Director of Managed Services at Pervasive, was able to restore the manufacturer’ systems in less than an hour. Without a commercial grade DRaaS solution, it took Jason and his team two full weeks to get the retailer back online and fully operational.

For many companies, being down for a few days would be catastrophic.  But, thankfully, the retailer was able to weather this storm.  But, it’s clear that all businesses need to bake in operational resiliency into their IT infrastructure. Without having a data protection and recovery strategy in place, organizations are leaving themselves wide open to significant financial and reputational loss.

Thankfully, Pervasive Solutions is part of a new and emerging breed of MSPs that are going well beyond reselling IT solutions. They’re educating their clients that data protection requires a four-pronged approach which includes user education, strong security systems (e.g., AV, firewall, email-filtering, application white-listing, etc.), cloud-based disaster recovery, and regular DR testing.

Just as importantly, SMBs need to wake up and start asking important questions. How soon could our company get back up and running if it gets infected by ransomware victims? How quickly can you isolate and halt the spread of an infection? What would you do if your production database got encrypted? Would you be willing to pay the ransom?

If you want to start getting some answers to those questions, talk to us or one of our trusted partners.


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