Customer Success

Customer Success Requires People-Powered Support

At Infrascale the definition of customer goes beyond that of a transactional relationship. We believe that a customer is a partner with whom we strive to form a long-lasting, “people-powered” relationship. To achieve this mission, we work diligently to go beyond merely providing answers to questions when partners reach out for support. We endeavor to provide solutions specifically tailored to answer each partner’s support requests. In that light, providing links to knowledgebase articles, conversing with AI-powered bots, or merely fixing a bug cannot be the sole solution to partner problems. We do not serve a company or corporation; we serve real people striving to provide real value to their customers and communities. Quick fixes can’t, and won’t, suffice, especially since Infrascale is entrusted to safeguard business-critical data and systems – which are the livelihood of our partners and their customers. When disaster inevitably strikes, Infrascale is there with Customer Support Experts to provide our partners with predictable, personal, proficient, and proactive guidance — people-powered guidance — that will help pull them through those unimaginably difficult moments.

These are not simply words. Providing this level of support begins with a Philosophy of Support that underpins each interaction with our partners. The philosophy of providing people-powered support is our guiding light, our North Star, through which we turn our partner’s problems into successes, and weaknesses to strengths. Simply put, when a partner reaches out to Infrascale Support, they should expect a personally tailored response by a Customer Support Expert who will proactively work alongside them to achieve the desired outcome.


People-powered support for our partners starts with being predictable. The worst time a partner should experience uncertainty is when they are facing a business continuity crisis. Infrascale provides data protection and disaster recovery. Our partners depend on us to be there when things go awry. When a partner reaches out to Infrascale support, we want them to know exactly what they should expect from each and every support interaction – including the timeliness of resolution. Infrascale works diligently to provide predictability through reliable reactive and reliable proactive support. Any time a partner reaches out, they do not have to worry about the skill level of the representative they will speak with. They do not have to worry about lengthy hold times. They do not have to worry about whether they will get an answer…  and the do not have to worry about getting their issue resolved.

Instead, when a partner reaches out to Infrascale support, they will speak with a representative who will take ownership of their case, who will see it through to the end and treat it with care as if it were their own. Our partners will not spend valuable time on hold. When they present an issue the Infrascale representative will work with them to find a resolution that meets their immediate needs.


Our team aims to amaze and delight – to go beyond just fixing predictable problems or answering questions. Amazing support consists of providing direct and personally-connected solutions. Infrascale believes that a people-powered, personal connection requires seeking first to understand the entirety of the problem. This does not just entail understanding the technical nature of the problem, we must also understand the complete context of the problem – including the partner’s state of mind and their desired outcome. Once we have this understanding, we work diligently to tailor our response to the partners’ holistic question. Infrascale does not stop at providing a link to a knowledgebase article or reiterating a canned answer. Nor does Infrascale stop with tailored answers either. Personal connections continue with consistent and reliable follow through – until resolution of the issue. To realize this intent, Infrascale will assign a single Infrascale Customer Support Expert to work with a partner on an issue until it is resolved, i.e. Infrascale will not treat issues as a metric to be managed by a faceless group of support staff. When a partner contacts Infrascale Support, we treat the partner, and their issue, as if it were our own. We do this because we believe that our partners’ successes are our successes, and the best path to every success is through the personal connections we foster.

Consequently, when a partner reaches out to Infrascale Support they will never be greeted by AI-powered bots who have no regard, and no emotion, for the individual. This is especially important in these increasingly difficult and disconnected times. Infrascale Support is a team of people who care deeply about helping others by providing compassionate and empathetic help when it is needed most. The last thing Infrascale wants our partners to feel is as though they are alone in problem solving; we want them to know that we’ve got their back! If anyone were to ask our partners about how they solve for disaster recovery, we want them to say: “I know a guy!”


Personal connections are all well and good, but if our partners find that the person they are connecting with is incapable of solving their issue, then the problem will persist. Even worse, that partner is likely unhappy that they didn’t receive the support they have come to expect! Simply put, Infrascale does not find this situation acceptable. A natural expectation, when anyone reaches out for customer support, is that the person providing support will be skilled and knowledgeable. For Infrascale this begins with an ongoing and lasting investment in our representatives and their training.

Many companies are more than happy to provide a very minimal level of training to their support representatives and they expect their support staff to “pick it up as they go along.” Of course, minimally trained support representatives are not capable of handling the wide variety of issues that arise, and in turn provide unsatisfactory support. Minimally trained representatives make avoidable mistakes, not because of a lack of inherent skill or empathy for the customers, but simply because they may not have all the necessary information to provide the best possible support. Infrascale deliberately strives to avoid these mistakes by providing extensive and ongoing training to our representatives which ensures that they are up to date on every product change, on every predictable issue, and every possible solution. When a partner finds themselves needing support from Infrascale, they know they are contacting a top-notch who will own their issue from beginning to end and provide expert support and advice every step of the way.


Supporting a partner should not only occur when they reach out. We want to solve potential issues before they become actual problems. By analogy, fire departments do not start working only when they see flames. They pre-emptively test fire alarms, fill or replace extinguishers, and enforce emergency exit planning and feasibility. Infrascale treats support the same way. We believe we have an obligation to our partners to proactively ensure their services are working the way we promised. A partner should never have to call us as a last resort. We will be there, solving problems before they know the problem ever existed.

Trust is established between a service provider and their partners not just by the quality of the service they provide when things don’t go according to plan, but by how diligently they work to ensure that their partners always have what they need. Infrascale has a team, dedicated to Customer Success, proactively monitoring data backup and disaster recovery systems, services, and accounts, to ensure that nothing prevents a partner from executing their disaster recovery plan. Additionally, Infrascale offers a Guided Disaster Recovery Testing service, which provides partners with validation that their Infrascale Disaster Recovery solution has been thoroughly tested and is on standby to quickly restore access to their important data and business processes.

Philosophy in Action

Why does Infrascale have a philosophy of support? Because our partners deserve it! They put their trust in Infrascale to be there when the chips are down. For Infrascale to give our partners anything less than the best is simply not who we are. The last thing a partner needs during these challenging times is a vendor that only sees them as a case number. To Infrascale, our customers are our partners. Our partner’s successes are our successes, and we embody this people-powered philosophy in every support interaction.

Infrascale can be counted on because we believe in our philosophy of support and we make it a reality for every partner, every day.