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The Vital Importance of Disaster Recovery Plans: How Infrascale Meets the Needs of Organizations of All Sizes and Industries 

Recently, Point32Health, the second-largest health insurer in Massachusetts, disclosed for the first time that patient information had been stolen during a data breach that hampered the company for weeks. The data breach included employee and member’s private information, as well as sensitive medical records. For over a month, the company has struggled to bring its services

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Top 10 Reasons MSPS Grow Their Business with Infrascale 

Data loss can occur for various reasons, and it can be a major challenge for businesses of all sizes. Cyber-attacks, natural disasters, and human error are the top reasons for data loss. These factors alone should compel you to explore this opportunity for your clients. Infrascale, the most trusted data protection provider, offers a reseller

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Streamlined Public Sector Purchasing with Infrascale and TD SYNNEX Partnership

Better Together Many public sector organizations and suppliers encounter obstacles when it comes to completing a purchase due to the government regulations and requirements imposed on prospective customers. Rather than starting from scratch, it’s faster and more convenient to use existing publicly procured, competitively solicited contract vehicles. Infrascale leverages state and local government, and

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The Importance of Having a Robust Backup and Recovery Plan for Businesses of All Sizes 

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, protecting your business’s data has never been more important. A data loss incident, whether due to hardware failure, cyberattack, or natural disaster, can have devastating effects on your business operations and reputation. That’s why having a robust backup and recovery plan is crucial for businesses of all sizes.   Why

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Are You Ready for a Secure Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday is upon us once again before the Thanksgiving feast has fully digested. Are you ready for Monday, November 28 this year? No, we don’t mean ready to make a lot of online purchases. Or, from a retailer perspective, ready to process higher-than-usual data transaction volumes. Those are givens. Rather, are you prepared

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Cyber Security

Ransomware Protection for Small Businesses

Despite the number of ransomware attacks and enormous financial losses in the news throughout the past year, many organizations continue to believe they will not fall victim to such an event. Small businesses, especially, mistakenly believe they are unlikely targets and do not prepare or plan accordingly. The reality is small businesses are increasingly

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Simpatico Podcast

Eliminating Burdens – How One Successful MSP Tackles Disaster Recovery

Infrascale recently launched a series of conversations with our partners and end customers to understand how they’re achieving business outcomes and meeting their KPIs with backup and disaster recovery In our first session, Infrascale Chief Solution Architect Chris Bayne spoke with Cory Ruthardt, Executive Vice President of Technology with Simpatico, a global managed IT

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Cyber Attacks Keep Coming. Are We Doing Enough to Stop Them?

Microsoft warned months ago that Nobelium would strike again, and it did. This time, the group responsible for last year’s high-profile attacks on SolarWinds targeted 140 organizations in the global IT supply chain, compromising at least 14. While organizations like Nobelium are becoming more sophisticated and have the scale to continue being disruptive, what’s

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Hurricane Season

Batten Down the Hatches –and the Servers– For Hurricane Season

Hurricane Ida recently wreaked havoc on the Southeastern and Northeastern United States. The torrential rainfall totaled more than a foot in some areas and caused the collapse of a highway in Mississippi and widespread flooding in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The Category 4 storm has not only impacted the lives of millions, but unfortunately

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