Check out these videos to quickly learn how to use Infrascale backup and disaster recovery solutions.


Cloud Failover Appliance Overview

Cloud Failover Appliance (CFA) is an enterprise-grade disaster recovery solution that quickly recovers systems and applications - without all the hardware and complexity traditionally needed to achieve this level of failover.

Video Time: 2:38

Infrascale Cloud Failover Demo

Learn how easy it is to boot systems and applications from the cloud failover appliance and cloud.

Video Time: 4:48

Boot VMs from the cloud

How to cloud boot VMs using Infrascale's Data Protection Appliance

Video Time: 2:45

Local Boot from the Data Protection Appliance

How to boot your machines directly on Infrascale's Data Protection Appliance.

Video Time: 4:33


Learn about Infrascale Hybrid Cloud Backup Solutions

Discover what is hybrid backup and its evolution. You will learn when to use disk-to-cloud replication versus disk-to-disk-to-cloud replication

Video Time: 4:59

Introduction to the Infrascale Dashboard

In this video, you'll receive a basic overview of the Infrascale Dashboard. We’ll review what it is and how you can use it to manage your backups and recoveries from one central pane of glass.

Video Time: 4:27

Deploying and Initializing a Physical Data Protection Appliance

In this video, you'll learn how to initialize and deploy your physical data protection appliance.

Video Time: 6:54

Initializing a Virtual Data Protection Appliance

In this video, you'll learn how to initialize a virtual data protection appliance.

Video Time: 4:05

Data Protection Appliance System Settings Overview

In this video, you'll learn about all of the data protection appliance's system settings.

Video Time: 10:51

Data Protection Appliance: Backup a File Set for a Windows Agent

In this video, you'll learn how to backup a file set for a Windows agent.

Video Time: 20:15

Data Protection Appliance: Backup Microsoft Exchange

In this video, you'll learn how to backup Microsoft Exchange at the message and database level on the Data Protection Appliance.

Video Time: 13:26

Use Anomaly Detection to Defeat Ransomware

In this video, you'll learn how Infrascale's anomaly detection feature works to help prevent you and your users from having to pay out to ransomware.

Video Time: 1:59


How to Configure Bare Metal Backup

Learn about bare metal backups and how they’re different from simple file and folder backups. Plus, learn how to configure bare metal backups within your Dashboard.

Video Time: 4:59

Configuring a backup with Infrascale’s OBRM

Use Infrascale's Online Backup & Recovery Manager (OBRM) to configure a basic backup set for a single machine.  This includes all the basics like how to download the software and how to manage your backup settings.

Video Time: 3:52

Recovering Files OBRM

How to use the Infracale OBRM to recover files back to your machine from your cloud backup.

Video Time: 4:27

How to Mass Deploy your Backups to your Endpoints

Learn how to mass deploy the Infrascale Online Backup & Recovery Manager to all your endpoints (e.g., your user’s laptops and smartphones) in a few easy steps. This includes the steps you need to take to create an MSI and how to use the MSI to deploy to endpoints.

Video Time: 4:35

Intelligent Mass Deployment

Infrascale has built a flexible and intelligent MSI wizard for mass deployment. Learn how to create a custom MSI that integrates with Active Directory and runs silently – completely transparent to the end user.

Video Time: 2:53

Geo-location and Remote Wipe Features

Discover Infrascale data loss prevention (DLP) features for endpoints and how to geo-locate devices and remote wipe data from devices based on policies you create.

Video Time: 4:59


Connectwise Integration with Infrascale

Learn how to integrate the Infrascale monitoring services directly into your Connectwise service ticketing system.

Video Time: 4:37

How to use Infrascale Monitoring for Alerts and Notifications

Learn how Infrascale monitoring works and how to automate notifications for warnings and alerts. This also includes how the monitoring system reports issues and how to automate ticket creation in your support system.

Video Time: 4:12

How to Create and Assign a Backup Policy

Learn about backup policies, how to create and modify them, and how to assign backup policies to specific devices from the Infrascale Dashboard.

Video Time: 4:44

Creating Advanced Backup Policies

Learn how to create and modify advanced backup policies including setting that data retention policies per folder.  This allows you to leverage your backup repository as an archive that conforms to your data retention policies and helps meet compliance mandates.

Video Time: 4:07

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