Your endpoints will experience lost and corrupted data, or come under attack. It’s not a question of if, it’s just a matter of when… and if you’ll be ready.

Endpoint Backup Protection – Fast, Secure, and Easy to Manage

With growing remote workforces, increasing threats of ransomware, and expanding compliance needs, the risk to endpoints (laptops, desktops, and mobile devices) has never been higher. IT departments cannot keep up and the bad guys know it! Malware and ransomware attacks have exploded. IT administrators need a backup and recovery solution they can rely on to combat these threats. A business falls victim to a ransomware attack every 14 seconds, and the average payment is $84,116. Despite these statistics, one in five SMB leaders said they do not currently have a data backup or disaster recovery solution in place. Every company needs a secure, simple to configure, and easy to manage endpoint data protection solution. Infrascale Cloud Backup (ICB) safeguards your most critical data and fulfills backup and retention requirements.

Function without Complexity

Infrascale understands that backup and recovery of mission-critical data is of utmost importance. This includes the flexibility to perform backups on any endpoint device, and to deliver fast and effortless restores – as well as making it easy to use for the end user. Infrascale Cloud Backup provides unlimited retention and version history, with support for an unlimited number of endpoint devices. Endpoint backup data is always available! With built-in local backup for rapid restore and redundancy, and Live Protect to monitor and capture data changes real-time, you’ll ensure your most critical data is protected, no matter the end user, no matter where it lives.

Safe and

Safeguarding customer endpoint data keeps IT administrators up at night – especially as workforces are increasingly remote or home-bound. Every endpoint represents a vector of vulnerability for potential cyberattack. Infrascale Cloud Backup provides ransomware anomaly detection and alerting to stop an attack before it takes hold and you are faced with the prospect of paying a ransom. Additional security features (geolocation, remote wipe, multi-factor authentication) aid device loss prevention to help you sleep.

to Administer

Infrascale recognizes that remotely installing software and managing endpoints is a major headache for IT administrators. It’s not enough for a backup solution to be easy to use, it must also be easy to manage. Infrascale Cloud Backup offers remote installation and management capabilities for those hard-to-touch endpoints. ICB offers advanced toolkit options like an MSI installer, a single pane-of-glass UI, and SDKs/APIs to make automation a breeze. Proactive report and monitoring features are available via point-and-click, as is integration with common RMM and PSA tools. Did we mention no VPN and no reboots required?  Score!

Key Capabilities that Deliver Endpoint Data Protection





Why Infrascale Cloud Backup

ICB is a direct-to-cloud endpoint backup solution that protects business devices such as laptops and desktops, as well as servers including Microsoft Exchange and SQL databases – all in one solution. ICB offers unlimited data retention and version history for an unlimited number of endpoint devices, captures real-time changes via Live Protect, and safeguards against ransomware threats with advanced anomaly detection.

Unlimited Retention Policy and
Version History

Ransomware Anomaly Detection – alerting when new or changed files differ from preset benchmarks

Ransomware Anomaly Detection – alerting when new or changed files differ from preset benchmarks

Capture real-time changes with
Live Protect

Device geolocation &
remote wipe

Remote recovery

Unlimited endpoint devices

UltraSafe™ increases encryption complexity with account controls

MSI installer and
policy management

Infrascale is MSP Ready!

The MSP business is constantly evolving. Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are increasingly demanding the same technologies and performance previously adopted by enterprises. This means that MSPs must provide higher levels of service to help their SMB customers achieve their business goals and remain competitive in the market. We’re 100% focused on providing tools to facilitate the success of our MSP partners.

Ransomware Anomaly Detection

Infrascale Cloud Backup includes ransomware anomaly detection that alerts you when the number of new (or changed) files dramatically increases from established benchmark levels. Anomaly detection provides an important early warning system for you to quickly isolate a ransomware infection, allowing you to recover important data before the entire network freezes.

How it Works

ICB is sold as a storage-based subscription, in 1 TB increments

How Infrascale Cloud Backup Works

Specifications of Supported Endpoints

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  • Windows Vista & up
  • Windows Server 2008 & up
  • SQL Server 2008 & up
  • Exchange Server 2010 & up

10.8 and up


5.0 and up


8.0 and up

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