The sheer scale of data sets that are being produced daily by healthcare organizations has significantly increased over the past few years.  From digitizing patient health records and the adoption of digital imaging (Electronic Health Records and Picture Archiving and Communication Systems), health organizations are faced with data protection complexity and budgetary challenges.

By adopting a fully cloud-backed DR solution, healthcare organizations can ensure key applications and systems get back online in seconds, and keep compliance mandates in mind without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars.

With Infrascale Backup & Disaster Recovery
Solution, healthcare can:

Fast RTO and be Boot-Ready in Minutes

Recover systems and applications in minutes. From virtual machines to physical servers, we’ve got you covered.

Reduce DR Costs 

educe costs with advanced DR software and cloud storage. No more over-provisioning. No more forklift upgrades. Learn how our DR solutions help our customers reduce DR and hardware operational costs.

Automate DR Testing

Prove your DR capabilities with ease and test whenever you want without impacting your business. With Infrascale, you get unlimited and self-service DR testing at no extra cost!

Deploy DR Your Way 

With Infrascale, you get complete physical and virtual environment protection, cloud storage targeting flexibility (our cloud or private cloud), and robust support of operating systems, so you can protect more of your environment without all the compatibility headaches.

Simplify Data Protection Management

With Infrascale’s intuitive centralized web-based dashboard, IT admins can deploy and manage everything though one pane of glass.

“Whenever I’ve had to do a restore, it’s been 100% reliable.”
Angel Andrews
IT Manager at Athena Health Care Systems
Athena Healthcare Case Study

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