The sheer scale of data sets that are being produced daily by healthcare organizations has significantly increased over the past few years.  From digitizing patient health records and the adoption of digital imaging (Electronic Health Records and Picture Archiving and Communication Systems), health organizations are faced with data protection complexity and budgetary challenges.

Although 65 percent of health care executives reported that their data volumes had increased, only 26 percent had established a “robust, tried-and-tested” data recovery plan.  For those that did have a healthcare disaster recovery plan, only 38% had tested it.   So, ensuring on-demand failover of mission-critical applications and systems – all while meeting industry compliance standards is proving difficult for healthcare IT departments to achieve.

By adopting a fully cloud-backed disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) solution, healthcare organizations can ensure key applications and systems get back online in seconds, and keep compliance mandates in mind without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars.