Find legal information and resources for Infrascale products and services.

Terms & Conditions

Website Terms of Use
Governs the use of our website
Customer Agreement
Defines the overall relationship between Infrascale and its customers
Terms of Service
Governs the use of our products & services
Service-specific Terms
Supplies additional terms that govern use of specific services

Privacy & Privacy Management

Privacy Policy
Describes our data collection, management, use and disclosure policy
GDPR Commitment
Illuminates our position and conformance with GDPR
Data Processing Agreement 
Specifies how Infrascale processes data in accordance with GDPR
Exercise Your Privacy Rights
Allows you to manage your personal information with Infrascale


Service Level Agreement
Elaborates on our commitment to product & service performance
Overage Billing Policy | FAQ
States details for storage overage handling
Hardware Warranty Policy
Enumerates the specifics around support/warranty of appliances
Statement of Support
Details responsibilities, service-specifics, and expectations for how we provide customer support


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