Thank you for choosing Infrascale for your data protection needs. We cherish our partnership with you and take great pride in the passion, professionalism, and dedication our team shares with you when you need support.

We understand that our customers are highly sophisticated consumers, so we have written this Statement of Support & Customer Service Policy to give a brief overview of our services and to provide you full disclosure of products and services that we do and do not provide support for. At the end of the day, Infrascale knows that its customers are the driving force behind our company’s growth. As the company evolves based on customer needs, this Policy may change at any time at the sole discretion of Infrascale. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need support as we are here to provide support to you, our awesome customers.

This Statement of Support & Customer Service Policy (this “Policy”) is subject to the Customer Agreement. The “Customer Agreement” means (a) the Partner Agreement, Distribution Agreement, Infrascale Customer Agreement or other agreement between You (as defined below) and Infrascale which allows Your use of Infrascale Services, or if no such agreement exists, the agreement set forth at, and (b) any other agreement with Infrascale governing Your use of the Services. The terms “You,” “Your” and “Yours” refer to you. Capitalized terms not defined in this Policy will have the meanings specified in the Customer Agreement. In the event of a conflict between the terms of this Policy and the Customer Agreement, the terms of this Policy shall govern, but only to the extent of such conflict.

1. General Information

1.1 Self Help Support:

You are entitled to free, individual and/or community-based access to support through the Infrascale knowledgebase articles at

1.2 Support Channel Availability:

Infrascale offers support via multiple channels – email, chat, and telephone – all with 24-hour weekday availability.

Monday – Friday24 hours8am – 8pm EST8am – 8pm EST
Saturday & SundayNo coverageNo coverageP1/critical issues 

1.3 Contact Support:

Need help? You may reach out to Infrascale Technical Support during the Support Channel Availability noted above.  Contact details follow:

    • Email:
    • Chat:
    • Phone:
      • US: Toll Free: +1 877 896 3616
      • US: Toll: +1 310 363 7269
      • UK: +44 800 160 1454
      • AU: +61 3 8820 5049

1.4 Technical Support Team:

Experienced Technical Support Engineers (TSEs) are here to provide a fast response to Your technical questions.

1.5 Support Tickets:

Infrascale is committed to providing rapid response on all Support Tickets. Support Tickets can be logged with Infrascale 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year via email. If You are experiencing a Critical issue, as defined in section 1.6, we recommend contacting Infrascale via phone. There is no limit to how many Support Tickets You may submit.

1.6 Support Policy for Severity & Response Time

Response times depend on the severity of the issue. Infrascale will use commercially reasonable efforts to respond promptly to each Support Ticket (or Support Case) within the published response times. Infrascale does not guarantee resolution time as that may vary depending upon the nature of the problem. A resolution may consist of a fix, workaround, or any other solution Infrascale deems reasonable.

Severity LevelTarget Response Time
Critical (Severity 1)60 minutes or less when submitted via phone
Major/Urgent (Severity 2)2 business hours or less
Important (Severity 3)4 business hours or less
Minor (Severity 4)24 business hours or less

Infrascale will provide continuous efforts to resolve Severity 1 service availability issues until a workaround or resolution can be provided or until the incident can be downgraded to a lower severity.

The severity levels and definitions are set forth below:

1.6.1 Critical (Severity 1)

Critical production issue affecting all users, including inability to backup or restore a critical device, hardware failure, and/or data integrity issues with no workaround available. The Service crashes or hangs indefinitely causing unacceptable or indefinite delays for resources or response.

Severity 1 issues identified by You that are not related to an Infrascale Service interruption / outage require You to have dedicated resources available to work on the issue on an ongoing basis or the severity level will be decreased to Severity 2.

1.6.2 Major/Urgent (Severity 2)

Major functionality is impacted, or significant performance degradation is experienced. Issue is persistent and affects many users and/or major functionality. No reasonable workaround available. Important features of the Service are unavailable with no reasonable workaround; however, operations can continue in a restricted fashion.

1.6.3 Important (Severity 3)

Service is operational but partially degraded for some or all Your customers, and a reasonable workaround or solution exists. Problem with non-critical feature or functionality.

1.6.4 Minor (Severity 4)

Inquiry regarding a routine technical issue; information requested on Service capabilities or bug affecting a small number of users. Reasonable workaround available.

1.7 Support Ticket Severity Lifecycle

Support Tickets are assigned a severity level based on the nature of Your issue. We highly recommend You familiarize Yourself with the severity definitions and response times set forth above.

1.7.1 Downgrade of Severity Level

If, during the Support Ticket process, the issue no longer warrants the severity level currently assigned based on its current impact on the production operation, the severity level will be downgraded to the severity level that most appropriately reflects its current impact.

1.7.2 Upgrade of Severity Levels

If, during the Support Ticket process, the issue warrants the assignment of a higher severity level than that currently assigned based on the current impact on the production operation, the severity level will be upgraded to the severity level that most appropriately reflects its current impact. If You request the assignment of a higher severity level, Infrascale may ask You to provide additional information that demonstrates the need to upgrade the severity level assigned.

1.7.3 Adherence to Severity Level Definitions

You shall ensure that the assignment and adjustment of any severity level designation is accurate based on the current impact on the production operation. You acknowledge that Infrascale is not responsible for any failure to meet performance standards caused by Your misuse or mis-assignment of severity level designations.

1.8 Support Ticket Escalation

Your Infrascale support team always works to ensure that the appropriate resources and level of focus are applied to Your Support Ticket to ensure a timely resolution. If You are not satisfied with the progress of Your Support Ticket, You can request that Your Support Ticket be escalated which will result in increased Infrascale management attention, procedure reinforcement, and resource prioritization.

Common Q&A for Escalation:

When do I escalate a Support Ticket?

The escalation process is especially appropriate in the following situations:

        • Your production system goes down during an upgrade or other implementation
        • You need to communicate a critical business impact to Infrascale Support Management
        • You are dissatisfied with the responsiveness to or resolution of a Support Ticket

Note: The severity level of a Support Ticket can be increased without an escalation if the business impact of a Support Ticket has changed or was not correctly recorded initially.

What happens once I request an escalation?

Once an escalation request has been made, the appropriate Technical Support Manager will evaluate the situation and determine the appropriate resources to assign and/or process correction to implement. A Technical Support Engineer specializing in the type of situation being experienced will be assigned as the primary point of contact for the issue and will coordinate with all parties involved to ensure an expedited resolution. The Technical Support Engineer will set up a conference call with the appropriate parties to begin outlining the action plan and troubleshooting the situation.

How often can I expect updates on an escalation?

When the escalation is initiated, the assigned Technical Support Engineer will work with You to determine a communication plan that fits Your needs, including communication mode (email, phone call, conference call), frequency, and required attendees for all updates. If required, managers will attend any scheduled conference calls to ensure satisfaction with the current progress.

Can Infrascale engage other vendors if required?

Yes, Infrascale engineers can engage other vendors under existing support contracts.

What can I do if I don’t feel progress is being made with an escalation?

If You are concerned that sufficient progress is not being made during the escalation process, please inform Your assigned Technical Support Engineer immediately. The Technical Support Engineer will immediately inform his/her management team and will conduct a conference call with the required parties. If necessary, additional resources will be applied to the situation to determine what is required to resolve the situation.

How do I de-escalate a Support Ticket?

Once the Support Ticket is back on track and making acceptable progress toward resolution, it can be de-escalated. Before the Support Ticket is de-escalated, the assigned Technical Support Engineer will complete the following tasks:

        • Confirm that the action plan is acceptable
        • Ensure that the troubleshooting or root cause analysis process is on track
        • Document that all parties agree that the Support Ticket can be de-escalated

2. Your Responsibilities

2.1 Service Operating Support. Subject to Your compliance with the Customer Agreement and this Policy, Infrascale shall be responsible for providing ongoing operating support to You for the Services.  Such support shall include standard maintenance and training on installation and implementation.  You will be trained on the installation and implementation processes, and will assume these responsibilities from Infrascale within one (1) month of first implementation.

2.2. Support You Provide.  You shall be responsible for providing all first level support of Infrascale Services to Your customers including, without limitation, engaging in initial communications regarding support questions and concerns and providing basic responses, routine troubleshooting assistance, technical support, billing and payment collection.  Infrascale shall be responsible for responding to and managing escalated support issues reported via a Support Ticket and providing necessary telephonic and web-based technical training.

2.3 Remote Access.  At Infrascale’s request, You shall Yourself, or cause Your customer to (as applicable), allow Infrascale remote access to the Service to enable Infrascale to perform remote diagnosis and Service.

2.4 Cooperation.  You must provide Infrascale with reasonable cooperation and assistance and with information as is reasonably requested by Infrascale in connection with Infrascale’s provision of support.  Infrascale shall be free to use, disclose, reproduce, license or otherwise distribute, and exploit Product Feedback provided to it, without obligation, restriction or compensation.  “Product Feedback” shall mean suggestions, comments or other feedback provided to Infrascale related to or in connection with the Services.

3. Limitations of Support

3.1 Limitations.  Infrascale support is contingent upon proper use of the Service in the manner for which it was designed and intended.  Infrascale support does not include the correction of, and Infrascale will have no obligation, responsibility or liability with respect to, any errors, defects, malfunctions, damage or other issues caused by or resulting from:

    1. the failure to promptly implement any Update, Upgrade or error correction made available by Infrascale;
    2. unauthorized alterations or modifications of an operating system, network configuration, or environment that adversely affect the Service, where such alterations or modifications are made by a party other than Infrascale;
    3. improper installation, configuration, operation, repair or maintenance of the Service;
    4. external causes such as misuse, abuse, neglect, accident, unsuitable physical or operating environment, natural disasters (including but not limited to fire, water damage, earthquake, lightning and other acts of nature), power surges, abnormal physical or electrical stress or unauthorized installation or maintenance of wiring, circuits, electrical conduits, or devices external to the Service;
    5. use of the Service in a manner for which it was not designed or intended or other than as specified in the applicable Documentation;
    6. the unauthorized combination, use, or interconnection of the Service with other software or hardware not supplied or approved by Infrascale; or
    7. Your breach of this Policy or related agreements with Infrascale.

3.2 Limitations on Support and Error Corrections.  The support to be provided pursuant to this Policy is limited to addressing issues that are demonstrable and reproducible.  Infrascale will make Software Updates available to You at no charge (any such Updates shall be deemed “Software”).  Infrascale reserves the right to limit or terminate support (including error correction services) of any Service or Software version one (1) year after the date of release of a subsequent version, and Infrascale is not responsible for performance, security, availability or other issues or liabilities arising out of or resulting from Your failure to promptly implement any Updates.  Except as expressly stated in this Agreement, Infrascale will have no obligation to correct errors in or failures of any Service or Software.

3.3 Non-Supported Applications and Operating Systems.  Except as stated in Section 3.5, if an issue is suspected to be, or is found to be, attributable to a non-supported application and/or operating system, Infrascale may elect one of the following two options, at its sole discretion: (i) remove the non-supported application or operating system following consultation with You in order to continue to resolve the issue; or (ii) cease work on the case and require that You remove the non-supported application or operating system from the Service in order to continue toward resolution.  If the Service continues to function improperly or if the issue persists due to the non-supported application or operating system, Infrascale will cease all support efforts on the case and will have no further support obligation with respect to such Service until such time as the issue(s) resulting from the non-supported application or operating system are successfully addressed by You.  At Your request and subject to a separate “for-fee” agreement, Infrascale may agree to continue to provide support on the case.

3.4 Limitations on Support of On-Premises Infrastructure. For Infrascale Disaster Recovery and Infrascale Backup & Disaster Recovery, You shall be responsible for all infrastructure and configuration at non-Infrascale managed locations, up to the Hardware appliance. If an issue is suspected to be, or is found to be, attributable to (a) Your local firewall settings, (b) Your network configuration and/or bandwidth limitations, (c) server settings, (d) power leading up to the appliance, or (e) age of server hardware that is being backed up,  Infrascale has no obligation or responsibility to troubleshoot or resolve these issues. It is Your responsibility to ensure there is sufficient power, bandwidth and other resources for the Service to properly run.

3.5 Third-party applications. Infrascale has no obligation to configure, integrate or support any third-party applications with the exception of ConnectWise/Autotask and StorageCraft ShadowProtect when used in conjunction with Infrascale Services. If an issue is found to be the result of a third-party application other than those listed, Infrascale will cease work on the case as outlined in Section 3.3 of this Policy.

4. Support Matrix

 Infrascale Cloud BackupInfrascale Cloud Application BackupInfrascale Disaster RecoveryInfrascale Backup & Disaster Recovery
Dashboard configuration & useYesYesYesYes
Dashboard troubleshootingYesYesYesYes
Dashboard upgradesYesYesYesYes
Basic product implementationYesYesYesYes
Installation of backup and recovery manager / agentYesn/aYesYes
Third-party scripts & installationsNoNoNoNo
Patch upgrades to OS, kernel, and any other softwareNoNoYesYes
Data migrationsNoNoNoNo
Hardware upgradesn/an/aYes – additional feeYes – additional fee
Proactive monitoring of secondariesn/an/aNoNo
Backup and data deletionNoNoNoNo
Billing assistanceVia Finance TeamVia Finance TeamVia Finance TeamVia Finance Team

4.1 Supported:

4.1.1 Dashboard configuration and usage. Infrascale will provide assistance with the settings and features accessed directly on the Infrascale Dashboard, such as (a) managing partners/companies, (b) backup accounts, (c) devices, (d) users, (e) backup policies, (f) licenses, (g) monitoring setup assistance, (h) reports, and (i) integration with ConnectWise/Autotask.

4.1.2 Dashboard troubleshooting. Infrascale will assist in troubleshooting any access-related issues with regard to the Dashboard with the exception of “Ultra-safe” and “Ultra-safe Max”, specific only to the Infrascale Cloud Backup product line. In the event You choose “Ultra-safe” or “Ultra-safe Max”, Infrascale does not have the ability to assist if a password reset or change is necessary.

4.1.3 Dashboard Upgrades. If an upgrade is required for the Dashboard, Infrascale shall be responsible for implementing the Dashboard upgrades on the backend for every user.

4.1.4 Basic Product implementation. As outlined in Section 2.1 of this Policy, Infrascale will provide basic product implementation training by way of documentation, tutorials, and access to our implementation team if requested by You.

4.1.5 Installation of backup and recovery manager. Infrascale will provide assistance with the settings and features found within the Online Backup and Recovery Manager, such as (a) installation, (b) backup configuration, (c) restoration of data from Infrascale, and (d) use of the reporting tools. As described in Section 2.1 of this Policy, Infrascale will provide basic product training by way of documentation, tutorials, and access to our implementation or support team if requested by You.

4.2 Not Supported:

4.2.1 Third-party scripts and installations. Infrascale does not support any third-party scripts or installations and as such, will not be responsible for providing assistance with issues deemed caused by a third-party script or installation.

4.2.2 Patch upgrades to OS, kernel, and/or any other software for Infrascale Cloud Backup and/or Infrascale Cloud Application Backup. Infrascale shall not be responsible for any patches or upgrades that are needed for an OS, kernel or other software.

4.2.3 Data migrations. Use of the Infrascale Service to move/migrate data from one machine (virtual or physical) to another machine (virtual or physical). Infrascale will provide guidance on how to restore files and folders to a different machine.

4.2.4 Hardware upgrades. Occasionally, Infrascale may find that an issue is caused by the use of older hardware or that the resources the customer needs exceed their current environment. In such case, Infrascale Technical Support may suggest that You upgrade Your Services to a more appropriate product or to a more robust environment, and will refer You to Your Sales representative for further discussion. Infrascale does not provide free upgrades of Hardware and any upgrades are solely Your responsibility as outlined in the Limited Hardware Warranty & Maintenance Policy.

4.2.5 Proactive monitoring of secondaries. Monitoring the replication target machines for any types of errors, issues or malfunctions.  This can be accomplished by Your administrator through the use of the Dashboard.

4.2.6 Backup and data deletion. The management and deletion of data is solely Your responsibility. Infrascale is not responsible for the management of Your data, which includes, but is not limited to, the (a) configuration or modification of retention settings or policies, and (b) deletion of data, including the termination of Your customer accounts, backup jobs, backup accounts, and devices.

4.2.7 Billing assistance. If You have questions regarding a recent invoice or bill You have received from Infrascale, please contact our finance team by emailing

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