Ensure business resilience with our backup and disaster recovery solution, offering a seamless blend of data protection and business continuity planning for uninterrupted operations.

Worry-free Backup, Disaster Recovery, and Testing

Whether server crash, human error, malicious activity, or natural disaster, a localized or site-wide incident means unanticipated costs or unplanned downtime – both that come with a price! According to Gartner, the average cost of downtime across all industry sectors is $5,600 per minute. That is around $300,000 per hour!

Offsite data backup is simply not enough – data does not operate by itself. To keep your business running, the critical servers and business processes that manage your data must also be recovered. Infrascale Backup & Disaster Recovery (IBDR) is a hybrid cloud disaster recovery solution that helps mitigate the downtime caused by server crashes, ransomware attacks, or natural disasters. IBDR does this through simple and fast backup and restore of files and folders, or full server and virtual machine failover and failback.

With Infrascale Backup & Disaster Recovery, your data is always protected and always available… when you need it.

Fast Return to

Infrascale knows that while backup is important, the speed of recovery is what keeps IT Administrators up at night. Infrascale Backup & Disaster Recovery software delivers an industry-leading boot-ready time for failover, averaging two minutes, paving the path for fast return to operability. Your choice of local or in-cloud, whatever is fastest for you. IBDR also provides the framework for unlimited backup history – reducing the risk of data loss from human error, data corruption, malware, and gaps in retention policy.

DR Testing Confidence – Unlimited/Unfettered

Infrascale recognizes that in times of uncertainty IT professionals need reassurance that their data is protected. They know that operations can (and will) grind to a halt when natural disaster, employee error, or ransomware attacks occur. The best way to overcome a disaster is to prepare for it, beforehand. With unlimited disaster recovery and failover testing, no declaration is needed, you can test dependencies, and you won’t be caught off-guard when a real emergency occurs. Best of all, there are no additional fees for testing or for spin-up on appliance or in the cloud.

Peace of Mind

We understand that that backup and recovery of mission critical systems is of utmost importance to IT Administrators. However, of equal importance is having a solution that is easy to manage. Infrascale Backup & Disaster Recovery software is centrally managed and monitored through the Infrascale Management Dashboard. This provides a one-stop-shop for all your backup and recovery needs and includes the ability to set backup settings and schedules and configure your recovery network. With the intuitive UI, you can easily set up your data protection needs in a single pane of glass, all centrally managed through the dashboard.

Key Capabilities that Deliver
Backup and Disaster Recovery Protection




Infrascale Disaster Recovery Product Suite

  Infrascale Backup & Disaster Recovery – Local (IBDR-Local)Infrascale Backup & Disaster Recovery – Cloud (IBDR-Cloud)
 Primary Use Case:

Hybrid-cloud Backup with
on-premises recovery

Local spin-up, backup only in the cloud

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Backup + Restore of Files & Folders for… AND Backup + Spin-up/Recovery of Servers & virtual machines – on-premises or in the cloud

Backup & Restore Features
Critical Server InsuranceProtect physical & virtual machines – VMware, Hyper-V, Linux, Windows
Backup Choice and OperationsBackup files & folders
Backup system images
Replicate your data to Infrascale Cloud
Backup data is stored in a deduplicated and encrypted manner
Simple RestoreRestore clean versions of files, folders, or full system
Unlimited restore pointsNo, Daily only 
General Disaster Recovery Features
Industry-leading, boot-ready time Boot ready in minutes – for spin-up and failover
Local only

Local only
Automated FailbackWhen the disaster is over, restore back to original with ease
100% Dedicated ResourcesNo sharing – cloud compute & storage dedicated to your critical recovered data/workloads
Unlimited, Unfettered, No cost Disasters & Disaster TestingNo formal declaration of testing needed. Test dependencies before a real emergency whenever you wish.
No fees for testing; No fees to spin-up on appliance or in the cloud
Local, Micro-Disaster RecoverySpin up VMs on local appliance for micro-disasters/small crashes
Cloud Disaster Recovery Features
Failover to the CloudSpin up VMs in cloud (Windows, Linux)No
Access VMs in the cloud with secure RDP or VNC accessNo
Drag and Drop DR Runbook Orchestration*Specify recovery order, group, and set intervals for VM spin upNo
Management Ease
Centralized, Configurable Deployment and ManagementDeploy, configure, & manage directly from the Infrascale Dashboard
Set backup settings/schedules; Configure recovery network
Agentless, native support for VMware and Hyper-VAgentless backups for virtual machine discovery and policy control are easier to deploy than agent-based solutions 
Purchasing Flexibility Lease the appliance with no up-front CapEx. Or purchase if desired.
Leverage existing data center & resources. Virtual appliance software option.
Simplified Pricing Sold as aggregated component subscriptions + 1 TB storage increments. Consistent price per month. No fees for onboarding or initial training.

Infrascale supports two other IBDR solutions:

  • IBDR On-Premises – Backup appliance Same features as IBDR-Local but without replication to or recovery from the cloud. 
  • IBDR Paired-On-Premises – Disaster Recovery Similar capabilities to IBDR-Cloud (DRaaS), where the secondary site is self-hosted by the customer versus in the Infrascale Cloud.

For all solutions, the availability of hardware appliances or Infrascale cloud may be limited by geography.  An Infrascale sales representative will be happy to discuss options.

What Makes
Infrascale Backup & Disaster Recovery Different?

Unlimited Disaster Recovery and Failover Testing

  • No upcharge

Agentless, Native Support for VMware and Hyper-V

  • Virtual machine discovery and policy control is easier to deploy than agent-based solutions

Recovery Image Boot Verification

  • Test integrity of backup image files
  • See boot verification of recovery

Satisfies the Need for Speed

  • Our patented Deduplication File System (DDFS) is fast!
  • Be boot ready in minutes!
  • Every backup looks like a full image

No Capital Investments Required

  • Physical on-premises appliance can be leased or purchased to fit financial needs

Unlimited Restore Points Replicated to the Cloud

  • Replicate an unlimited number of restore points with IBDR-Cloud – no additional fees


IBDR solutions are sold as aggregated subscriptions for a consistent monthly price

There are three components to the solution:

“Primary” On-Premises Cloud Failover Appliance (CFA)

– either physical device or software on your own virtual machine — to live on-premises with your servers and data to be protected

Infrascale Cloud storage and compute resources

– target for your backup data and (for IBDR-Cloud only) the dedicated resources for spin-up/recovery instances of your servers

Infrascale Dashboard

– centralized management and configuration

How IBDR Works

There are three primary functions managed by Infrascale Backup & Disaster Recovery:

Backup – Locally and Replicated to the Cloud IBDR backs up to a local on-premises appliance before data is replicated to the cloud
  • When stored on the primary, data is deduplicated, compressed, and encrypted – on our patented DDFS (deduplication file system)
  • Only unique (deduplicated) content is replicated to the cloud – also compressed and encrypted with AES 256-bit encryption
  • In the cloud, the data is encrypted at rest and stored in the same DDFS, synchronized with the primary
Restore You can restore files, folders, full virtual and physical machines from the primary or cloud. Data can be pushed to its original location, new location, or exposed on the appliance as a NAS share.
Failover/Failback To recover from a local/micro-disaster, spin up a single server on your primary appliance. With IBDR-Cloud, you may spin up your servers manually or via orchestration with your dedicated cloud resources. At the end of your disaster, failback to your original on-premises server to capture changes to the source.

Specifications of Supported Backup Targets


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