Move to the Cloud with Confidence

You spend so much money and resources securing the perimeter of your business, why leave your data unprotected during failover, backup, and archiving? It’s why we’ve built in triple-layer encryption so you can move to the cloud with advanced security.

No Data Gets Left Behind

Triple-level encryption and top-tier data centers are how we secure data during failover, backup, and archiving . No additional hardware required.

Triple Encryption:

Data is encrypted at the source, transferred via a secure connection and then encrypted again in the cloud.

For Your Eyes Only:

You get the encryption key so you’re the only one that can view and decrypt files in the cloud. Keep your privates private with Infrascale.


Encryption and Beyond

Others either don’t protect or only quote bit encryption, but Infrascale’s UltraSafe technology goes beyond encryption to deliveradvanced security for your data.

Triple-Layer Encryption:

We use private key encryption along with double blind encryption so only you can view or decrypt your data in the cloud.

Source Encryption:

Your data is encrypted at the source with your private key.

Transit Encryption:

Data is sent through a secure tunnel with 256-bit SSL.

Rest Encryption:

Your data is encrypted at rest in the data center.

Compliance Matters

We know compliance matters, which is why we’re paying attention to all of the industry’s strictest compliance requirements.

Top Tier Data Centers:

We have 8 high-performance data centers with around-the-clock security spread across the world. And only you can view or decrypt your data.

Compliant Cloud:

We realize compliance is critical, and require the most robust security and compliance requirements.

Mobile WorkForce

Secure Mobile Workforce

Protecting the mobile road warrior means being able to backup and control data across all endpoints.

Backup Laptops and Mobile Devices:

Just because your data leaves the firewall, doesn’t mean it can’t be backed up.

Powerful Geolocation:

Easily locate lost or stolen devices. Keep calm and carry on.

Remote Wipe:

With Infrascale, you’re always in control. Delete any business-critical data on remote devices with push-button ease.

How it Works

Data Security


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