Mission-Critical Data – Always Protected. Always Available

Many Devices – One Solution

Often IT admins are forced to cobble together a collection of products and solutions to protect the environment they’re responsible for. With Infrascale, you can protect all of your laptops and devices: Windows PCs, OS X Macs, iOS and Android. Remotely track, and if necessary, wipe a lost/stolen machine with the Infrascale Dashboard.

Workstation Backup
Mobile Device Protection

Better Workstation Backup Starts with Better Security

Others don’t protect at all or simply quote bit encryption numbers. Infrascale protects you with end-to-end, double-blind encryption and offers the ability to apply private key encryption for those with extremely sensitive information. It’s so safe, we call it UltraSafe.

Your Company Up Front

Infrascale’s endpoint software applications can be branded to your needs. Your customer will see your company and know exactly who is protecting them.


It’s a Good Day for a Test Drive

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