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Product Line:Infrascale Cloud Application Backup (ICAB)Infrascale Cloud Backup (ICB)Infrascale Backup & Disaster Recovery (IBDR)
Products:ICAB for: MS365, Google Workspace, Box, Dropbox, SalesforceICBIBDR-LocalIBDR-Cloud
What It Is:SaaS BackupEndpoint BackupHybrid Cloud BackupDRaaS
Use Case:Backup & Restore: Microsoft 365, Google Workplace, Box, Dropbox, SalesforceBackup & Restore Endpoints (desktop, laptop, mobile devices)Backup & Restore Server Images & Files Locally + Backup/Archive in CloudBackup & Restore Server Images & Files Locally and in Cloud
Backup Features
Backup & Recover: SaaS Apps
To Cloud
Backup & Recover: Endpoints
To Cloud
Backup & Recover: Server Images (Bare Metal and/or Virtual Machines)Add-On: Bare Metal Images
Backup & Recover: Files/Folder
Local & Cloud

Local & Cloud

Local & Cloud
On-Premises Requirement to Deploy SolutionAgent SoftwareAppliance (Physical or Virtual)Appliance (Physical or Virtual)
Unlimited Versions

Unlimited Versions

Local: Limited by Appliance Cloud: Unlimited

Local: Limited by Appliance Cloud: Some Limits
Recovery Features
Local Image Boot/Spin-up
Cloud Image Boot/Spin-up

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