Infrascale, Inc. (“Infrascale”) aims to provide affordable protection against downtime and data loss by leveraging cloud technologies for its backup and disaster recovery solutions. To provide valued services, Infrascale assumes responsibility for the complexities of infrastructure hardware management so that the burden of doing so may be borne by Infrascale and not its customers. Customers subscribe to most Infrascale Services based on easily measured usage specific to each Service. We believe in providing our customers with the best user experience possible and as such, Infrascale doesn’t utilize hard limits that stop a Service from functioning if a customer exceeds the contracted storage allotment. Instead, we provide tools and visibility to allow customers to better manage their usage of the Services, without disruption to the Services themselves, including the proximity or status of any overage scenario.

This Overage Billing Policy (this “Policy”) is intended to address Your and Your Users’ use of Infrascale Services in excess of the storage allotments purchased and ensure compliance with our pricing model. This Policy forms an integral part of the Customer Agreement and describes the billing policies applicable to Your and Your Users’ use of the Infrascale Services in an overage scenario. The “Customer Agreement” means (a) the Partner Agreement, Distribution Agreement, Infrascale Customer Agreement or other agreement between You and Infrascale which allows Your use of Infrascale Services, or if no such agreement exists, the agreement set forth at infrascale.com/legal/customer-agreement/, and (b) any other agreement with Infrascale governing Your use of the Services. Capitalized terms not defined in this Policy will have the meanings specified in the Customer Agreement. In the event of a conflict between the terms of this Policy and the Customer Agreement, the terms of this Policy shall govern, but only to the extent of such conflict. We reserve the right to update this policy from time to time by posting an updated version at www.infrascale.com/legal/, and such updates will be effective upon posting.

1. Definitions

1.1.   “Purchased Cloud Storage” means the storage allotment purchased pursuant to the Customer Agreement and specified in the attendant Orders.
1.2.   “Used Cloud Storage” means the aggregate amount of data You and Your Users have stored in the Infrascale cloud after compression and deduplication, with all available retention, restore points, historical file or object revisions, search indexes, and other metadata pertaining to the Service. Used Cloud Storage includes all versions of backup data.

2. Overage

At its most basic level, an “overage” occurs when Your and Your Users’ consumption of storage (the Used Cloud Storage) exceeds the amount of storage You’re entitled to use (the Purchased Cloud Storage).  Overages are determined on a per-Service basis and occur in the following circumstances:

  • Infrascale Backup and Disaster Recovery (“IBDR”): the amount of Used Cloud Storage is more than the Purchased Cloud Storage.

    Note that if You entered into a Customer Agreement prior to March 2, 2021, You may be subject to an Overage Billing & Fair Use Policy attached as an exhibit to Your Customer Agreement (the “Fair Use Policy”), in which event the terms of that Fair Use Policy govern. Under the Fair Use Policy, the metrics of consumption and the usage limits of Infrascale Disaster Recovery (“IDR”) are distinct from those contained in this Overage Billing Policy, and an overage is deemed to occur when the amount of Used Cloud Storage is more than three times (3x) the Purchased Cloud Storage. Please refer to the Fair Use Policy contained in Your Customer Agreement for more specific information.

  • Infrascale Cloud Backup (“ICB”): the amount of Used Cloud Storage is more than the Purchased Cloud Storage.

3. Measurement and Billing

Used Cloud Storage shall be measured on a per-Service basis on the last calendar day of each calendar month (the “Measurement Date”), unless otherwise specified by Infrascale.  Any overage amounts shall be rounded up to the nearest 0.5TB increment and quoted in partial TB quantities (the “Overage Quantity”) for billing purposes.

You agree to pay overage fees in arrears on a monthly basis for any calendar month in which an overage occurred. Your monthly overage fee will be the product of (A) the Overage Quantity and (B) the prevailing overage rate established by Infrascale. Infrascale will charge You such overage fees on Your next monthly invoice or, if Your billing period isn’t monthly, Infrascale will issue a separate invoice to You in the calendar month following an overage measured on Your or Your Users’ account. Any overage fees assessed to You shall be deemed “Fees” as defined in the Customer Agreement and governed accordingly. You shall make payment pursuant to the terms set forth in the Customer Agreement, and authorize Infrascale to charge Your payment method for all amounts due under this Policy.

4. Avoiding Overage Fees

You may avoid incurring overage fees applicable to Your and Your User’s usage of the Services by (i) upgrading Your subscription to increase the amount of Purchased Cloud Storage allotted to You, or (ii) reducing Your and Your Users’ amount of Used Cloud Storage, in each case to such an extent necessary to eliminate any overage prior to the Measurement Date in such calendar month.

5. Overage Example

By way of example only:

If Infrascale determines Your and Your Users’ Used Cloud Storage exceeds Your Purchased Cloud Storage by 0.35TB on the July 31, 2021 Measurement Date, You will be billed and agree to pay monthly overage fees for July 2021 based upon an Overage Quantity of one-half (0.5)TB (July 31, 2021 overage of 0.35TB rounded up to the nearest 0.5TB increment). If Infrascale determines Your and Your Users’ Used Cloud Storage exceeds Your Purchased Cloud Storage by 0.65TB on the subsequent Measurement Date of August 31, 2021, You will be billed and agree to pay monthly overage fees for August 2021 based upon an Overage Quantity of one (1)TB (August 31, 2021 overage of 0.65TB rounded up to the nearest 0.5TB increment). If prior to the September 30, 2021 Measurement Date, You reduce Your and Your Users’ Used Cloud Storage to an amount equal to or lesser than Your Purchased Cloud Storage, You will not be billed a monthly overage fee for September 2021.

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Last revised July 14, 2021
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