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Cyber Awareness

How Cyber Awareness Can Save Your Company

Cyber awareness is something that every company knows they should be doing, but the extent to which they implement it varies widely. This is great news to hackers and other malevolent actors who have the knowledge and tools to take advantage of lax policies and hole-filled – or nonexistent – cybersecurity solution deployments. While

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Data Protection

Tactical Advice for SMBs on Data Protection, Backups and Disaster Recovery

We live in a dangerous world. Cyberattacks such as ransomware, malware, and phishing threats put your mission-critical data and devices at risk. So do disasters, whether they be human-caused (both malevolent and unintentional) or natural. Data that is not properly protected, backed up and recoverable, is a serious – and sometimes existential – problem

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DR 101: The Basics of Disaster Recovery

  What is Disaster Recovery (DR)? Disaster recovery is a way to recover from the worst outages you can imagine. Whether you are facing down earthquake, fire, tropical storm, flooding, ransomware, or even user error, the goal is to be able to recover quickly. The key is to find a way to avoid downtime

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SaaS Backup

What is SaaS backup, and how do you protect your SaaS application data?

SaaS in the world of cloud computing Cloud computing includes a wide range of computing tools and services that people access over the Internet. Cloud technologies exploit their capabilities to instantly respond to increased demand for computing resources, shortening long development cycles and eliminating the expense of large IT infrastructure facilities. There are three

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Preparing for a Ransomware Attack

Preparing for a Ransomware Attack: Prevention & Detection

What is Ransomware? Ransomware is a type of malware that encrypts a victim’s data, blocking access until a ransom is paid.  There are multiple varieties of ransomware, however, they all share the same extortion-oriented goal: a demand for payment using digital currency, like bitcoin. Digital currencies are preferred as they are hard to track,

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How to use Dropbox and Box

How to Use Dropbox and Box Without Putting Your Data at Risk

As software creators have increased their adoption of cloud technologies the result has been growth, proliferation, and expansion of the software-as-a-service (SaaS) market. This growth has allowed SaaS application providers such as Box and Dropbox to evolve from being elementary services for sharing files among friends, to advanced and integral business solutions. Box and

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Endpoint Backup

How to Protect Laptops and Desktops Using Endpoint Backup

Interviewer – John Gilroy – Host, Federal Tech Talk Podcast from the Federal News Network Interviewee – Chris Bayne – Infrascale, Chief Solution Architect A Conversation about Endpoint Backup with Chris Bayne, from Infrascale John Gilroy, host of the Federal Tech Talk Podcast sat down with Chris Bayne, Chief Solution Architect at Infrascale to discuss

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