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Backup and Disaster Recovery are Your Strongest Allies

Backup and Disaster Recovery are Your Strongest Allies in the Data Wars

Another zero-day attack. Another 60,000+ businesses and government agencies hit. Another massive, successful assault on “protected” data. More ammunition gathered for unknown offensives that, rest assured, will come. Web shells lie in wait, undetected. The January 2021 Hafnium attack against on-premises Microsoft Exchange servers has turned into a global free-for-all hack against businesses of

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Texas-Sized Challenges

Disaster Recovery and Texas-Sized Challenges for Mid-Market Businesses

Imagine a disaster recovery protocol that accepts multiday downtime of critical systems, damaged equipment, devastating losses, and collective misery as part of the standard operating plan — where those outcomes or their severity are largely preventable. In a truly sad turn of events, this is the scenario the State of Texas is facing in

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Bare Metal Recovery (BMR) vs DRaaS

What’s the difference between Bare Metal Recovery (BMR) and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)…and does it matter?

Downtime is the Enemy of Presence As businesses change and adapt, one thing is for certain: their online presence (website, ecommerce, service portal, public web services, etc.) continues to grow… and is so does the importance of that presence. Expanded presence offers tremendous opportunity, but also brand, business, and operational risk. Outages become much

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Defensive Play With Disaster Recovery

Making a Strong Defensive Play With Disaster Recovery: Perspectives for Financial Services, Healthcare, and Education

On February 6, the New York Times published a potent and timely article, How the United States Lost to Hackers, with the subhead, “America’s biggest vulnerability in cyberwarfare is hubris.” It’s a compelling read that both sketches a threat landscape long known to cybersecurity and data protection experts, and includes accounts of some exploits

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Hybrid Cloud Backup

Why Hybrid Cloud Backup Triumphs over Direct-to-Cloud Backup

As modern IT infrastructures explode with exponential data growth and as downtime becomes prohibitively disruptive for business operations, hybrid cloud backup seizes the opportunity and serves as one of the most important items in an IT toolkit. Hybrid cloud backup solutions combine both the performance of the traditional on-premises backup with the infinite scalability,

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Data Privacy Day

Data Privacy Day: Will U.S. Reform Help Americans ‘Own’ Their Data and Help Businesses Protect and Recover It?

Some special days on the calendar are whimsical, some are too commercialized. International Data Privacy Day is neither. It highlights a massive and unwieldy problem requiring immediate global attention from individuals, businesses, governments, and organizations of every kind: Exponential data growth in our data-filled work, lives, and world means unprecedented personal and business data

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Customer Success

Customer Success Requires People-Powered Support

At Infrascale the definition of customer goes beyond that of a transactional relationship. We believe that a customer is a partner with whom we strive to form a long-lasting, “people-powered” relationship. To achieve this mission, we work diligently to go beyond merely providing answers to questions when partners reach out for support. We endeavor

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2021 Prediction

Survey Says: Cloud Backup, Security Top Execs’ 2021 To-Do Lists

The pandemic sparked accelerated corporate adoption of cloud services, but, as we move into 2021, business executives increasingly seek ways to protect hosted data, infrastructure, and their organizations from an array of potential problems ranging from bad actors to data loss to vendor lock-in. Public cloud will enjoy a compound annual growth rate of

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What is DRaaS

What is DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service) – Part 1: Basics

What is Disaster Recovery as a Service? Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) is a service model that provides backup and recovery via the use of a third-party cloud environment, whereby all of the disaster recovery functionality, including orchestration, are provided as-a-service. As-a-service means that the consumer of DRaaS need not own, nor manage,

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