Infrascale Answers Three Key Questions Every Business Professional Should Be Able to Answer

Consider this: 

  1. What would you do if your work laptop was lost or stolen? 
  2. How would you respond if you discovered your laptop were infected with ransomware? 
  3. How easy should it be for you or your IT support team to come to your rescue? 

Unfortunately, these three simple questions strike real fear into most business professionalsThey don’t know how to react, don’t have a plan to quickly retrieve their lost or corrupted data, and don’t know if their IT Support team can come to the rescueIt’s 2020 — it’s not a matter of when your organization is going to be subject to a ransomware attack or data loss (because it will happen)it’s how you deal with itBased on a recent Infrascale survey conducted with over 500 C-level SMB executives, we have uncovered some important facts:  

  • Nearly a fifth (19%) of respondents admit they do not feel their businesses are adequately prepared to address and prevent unexpected downtime from disasters – including lost/unusable laptops  
  • 37% have lost customers, and 17% have lost revenue, due to this unanticipated downtime  
  • Roughly half (48%) said their per hour downtime cost was between $20,000 and $50,000 

Therefore, those three questions seem pretty important to answer. 

On July 17th, at 9am ET, during Cloud Field DayInfrascale executives will provide how we help answer the questions aboveCloud Field Day is one of a series of Tech Field Day events where companies such as Infrascale share their products and solutionsThese sessions are live streamed and the recordings made available for later viewing. 

Brian Kuhn, Chief Operating Officer for Infrascale, will be joined by Chris Bayne, Chief Solution Architect, in presenting “Infrascale Cloud Backup – a Deep Dive.”  Infrascale Cloud Backup (ICB) provides endpoint protection (think laptops and mobile devices as well as backup for servers including Microsoft Exchange and SQL databases – all in one solution.  ICB’s mission – arm IT administrators with robust ransomware detection and management tools (to manage the unwelcome, but anticipated needs of those questions above), while still providing end-customers with easy-to-use/robust backup. 

Mark your calendars for July 17th (9am  Eastern Time) and join Infrascale during the Cloud Field Day Livestream at . 


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