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We’re pleased to announce the release of FileLocker 2.0!  This release is a reflection of our continued efforts to improve the user experience and simplify how users collaborate and share files through FileLocker.

What’s the skinny?

Improved Sync Agent

Let’s get into the meat of this release sandwich!  First, we’ve launched a new and improved sync engine.  The new sync engine is able to handle more complex sync relationships, such as admin to many users versus user to user, as well as the ability to connect to file servers.  We define “complex” sync relationships as involving a file-server, with an admin-to-user distribution model on top of the already-existing user-to-user sharing relationships. Additionally, we’ve built in intelligent conflict resolution that assigns a time stamp to a conflicted version rather than requesting the user choose one version over another.  It’s much easier to make a call on the version you want to keep.

Sync Files as Large as 10 GB

Basically, this feature upgrade is as meaty as it gets.  Now, users of any type (individual or business) can share and sync files as large as 10 GB versus our previous limit of 2GB. This knocks the socks off of OneDrive, which allows only up to 2GB, and Box (5 GB limit, if upgraded to Business).

Group Support

Rather than managing collaboration and sharing relationships per user, which is time consuming, users can now create groups and manage collaboration and sharing at a group level.  For example, an HR manager needs to share applicants’ resumes with a group of managers.  Now, the HR manager can share those files with all the users in that group in just a few clicks instead of updating the sharing and collaboration invites for individual users in a group.

FileLocker Group Support Image

Share a File in Two Easy Steps

We’ve reduced the number of steps needed to share a file from four steps to two.  From within Windows Explorer, simply right click to share the file and paste the link in an email or wherever you like in order to share the document.  You just got a few more minutes of your life back!

That’s what this release is all about – simplifying the digital life for our admins and their users. We’re on a mission to make our file sharing solution simple, easy to learn and above all else, secure.  If you have ideas how to make FileLocker better, let us know…we’re listening!


Amy Shugart

Marketing Manager

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