How to Use Dropbox and Box Without Putting Your Data at Risk

How to use Dropbox and Box

As software creators have increased their adoption of cloud technologies the result has been growth, proliferation, and expansion of the software-as-a-service (SaaS) market. This growth has allowed SaaS application providers such as Box and Dropbox to evolve from being elementary services for sharing files among friends, to advanced and integral business solutions. Box and Dropbox have become complex combinations of file hosting and cloud storage, data sharing and synchronization, and collaboration tools.

Though Box and Dropbox do a great job supporting business needs, they neglect one of the most crucial aspects for business operations — backup and restore functionality. Unfortunately, both Box and Dropbox provide business customers a false sense of security that their data is properly backed up and can be retrieved in case of emergency. SaaS application providers only provide very limited cloud backup and restore capabilities that do not meet the needs of many business customers.

So, you are probably wondering… How do you improve the safety and security of your critical data stored in Box or Dropbox, and preserve it from being lost or corrupted?  How can you restore the required data anytime and anywhere, so your business does not fail due to the accidental or intentional deletion of that data?

Dropbox and Box are not backup solutions

As mentioned above, both Box and Dropbox originated as file sharing and storage solutions. Like many of their SaaS application provider peers, the notion of backup and retention (beyond file version history) is foreign to their offerings.  As such, lack of the full-featured backup and restore options fail to meet critical requirements for business continuity and disaster recovery planning. For example, with Dropbox for Business provides 180 days to restore files and folders from when they were deleted; the same retention period applies if you want to revert the changes made to a file (file version history is limited). Box for Business and Box for Enterprise provide only 100 days for the same. Such retention policies won’t let you effectively secure your data in case it was infected or corrupted beyond those periods. Moreover, after your data has been completely removed from the deleted files, it is permanently gone, without any chances to get it back.

How Infrascale can help your Box and Dropbox backups

Infrascale Cloud Application Backup for Box and Infrascale Cloud Application Backup for Dropbox offer cloud backup of your SaaS application data and provide an effective way to fully control your data, risks, operations, and costs.

Always have a plan B (for backup!)

No matter how advanced and reliable your business technologies are, the good old “extra copy” of your data will never lose its value. It can save your nerves, time, efforts, and in some cases, the entire business. Remember that no one is immune to logical mistakes and human factors leading to data loss or corruption.

Infrascale Cloud Application Backup provides comprehensive protection for your frequently changing Box and Dropbox data, so it can be restored quickly and easily in the event of data loss or corruption. With flexible and easy data recovery features that include point-in-time, granular, cross-instance, and self-service restore, you can export your Box and Dropbox data to your own Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Box, or Dropbox storage.

Automate what can be automated

Backup must be automated. Only an automated scheduled backup gives us the opportunity to restore data either from this hour, yesterday, or from many months ago. The elimination of manual copy-and-paste backups will save you time, effort, and money.

Infrascale’s approach to cloud backup is expressed in a single statement: set it and forget it. Infrascale Cloud Application Backup allows setting up and configuring automated Box and Dropbox backups to be run daily, every three days, or weekly. But at the same time, it is important to perform your backups anytime you want. That is why Infrascale Cloud Application Backup allows you to back up your Box and Dropbox data on demand, alongside the scheduled automated backups.

Divide and conquer control

It’s bad practice to put all your eggs in one basket. When you operate with today’s huge volumes of data, your backups should provide both logical and physical separation from the data itself, preferably on a different cloud or physical storage. Human errors, malicious intents, outages, sync errors, hackers, or malware, could lead to the loss of data anytime and anywhere.

Infrascale Cloud Application Backup offers a reliable and completely separate cloud storage location (from your original SaaS storage), where your Box and Dropbox data is backed up automatically, and removes the need to place the data on a local device or a file share. Your data is securely archived within the United States (default), or optionally to the European Union or Australia.

Too much is never enough (when it comes to data retention)

As said above, Box and Dropbox offer limited backup data retention periods and file version history for restore. This can result in a complete nightmare if you need to get your data months and years from now.

With the long-term backup retention and unlimited file version history, Infrascale Cloud Application Backup makes sure your Box and Dropbox data files are findable and retrievable at any point in time.

Knowing is half the battle, but execution is everything

Knowing what data backup and restore is, and what backup and restore solutions are there in the market, is one thing; but to procure, to configure, and to test them adequately and efficiently is where the most benefit is.

With the assistance from Infrascale onboarding specialists and customer service, you can be sure your Box and Dropbox backup queries will be resolved in a professional and timely manner. Furthermore, if you prefer to deep dive into how Infrascale solutions are built and operate, and to take the full control over your data backup and restore solution, we encourage you to visit the Infrascale documentation hub and YouTube channel for more details.

With these simple yet effective concepts in mind, Infrascale is committed to providing the SaaS application data with protection and cloud backup that your business requires. We treat your data as if it were our own.

Ready to take your Box and Dropbox backup to a new level, thus improving your data protection and reliability? Learn more about how Infrascale Cloud Application Backup for Box and Infrascale Cloud Application Backup for Dropbox can help you to protect your critical data.

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