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SOS Online Backup Receives Fourth Consecutive PC Magazine Editors’ Choice Award

SOS Online Backup, heralded as a PC Magazine favorite for over 5 years running, now offers apps for PC, Mac, iPhone, Android and Facebook.

Los Angeles – CALIFORNIA – November 8, 2011 – SOS Online Backup (, the premier all-in-one solution for protecting and archiving digital information, today announced its fourth consecutive PC Magazine Editors’ Choice Award.  Rising above large competitors in a fast-growing and fiercely competitive industry, SOS Online Backup has received the award this year for its comprehensive product offerings with apps for mobile, social and desktop platforms as well as its continued rock-steady reliability and unrivaled customer support.  Read the new PC Magazine review at:,2817,2395766,00.asp

“With its intuitive and well-though-out interface, reasonable price covering five PCs, Live Protect feature, versioning, top performance and many more unique capabilities, SOS Online Backup Home Edition remains our Editors’ Choice for personal online backup, and continues to add to its lead,” reads the PC Magazine Review.

“SOS Online Backup is thrilled to be named Editors’ Choice by PC Magazine for the fourth time in a row,” said Ken Shaw, Chief Executive Officer of SOS Online Backup. “With the amount of time that users now spend managing their Digital Life, this is the perfect time to offer a truly all-in-one backup solution to protect their Desktop, Mobile and Social Life.”

Award winning features of SOS Online Backup include:

• SuperFast Backup- SOS has one of the fastest upload speeds in the industry, outperforming competitors like Carbonite and Mozy.

• Enhanced Security & Privacy – SOS uses a three-tiered military grade encryption system that encrypts data on the user’s computer, again in transit, and finally when at rest in storage.

• Social Life Backup – SOS protects users’ Facebook data, including friends, photos, videos, contact information and wall posts.

• Mobile Life Backup – Through the iPhone app, SOS backs up and protects iPhone and iPad contacts and photos, and allows users access to backed up data anywhere.

• Unlimited Versioning – Unlike many other solutions, SOS will keep a backup of each and every version of every file that you ever backup with us. With this type of protection you never have to rename files or make new copies of file versions, you’re always protecting a file that could have been lost forever. SOS protects it all!

• Continuous Data Protection – Users can engage Live Protect™ to have SOS backup files as soon as a change is detected.

• Unlimited Archiving- SOS protects and archives all of your files that you have ever backed up. Unlike other services, you can feel secure that once you’ve backed up a file with SOS, it stays backed up. We do not auto delete any of your files. SOS protects all of your data, all of the time.

• Flexible Scheduling – SOS allows users to schedule backups that best fit their needs, whether it’s monthly, weekly, daily, hourly or instantly, without impacting system performance.

• One Click File & Folder Sharing – From inside the SOS MyAccount portal, users can share files, photos and videos with anyone via an email address.

• Global Access – Data is backed up to the SOS Backup Server Grid, allowing users to access data anywhere in the world using a web-browser or the SOS iPhone or Android app.

• SoSimple File Select – Automatically identifies and backs up files based upon user-defined file type, such as music, movies, documents or photos.

• Local Backup – SOS allows users to back up their entire computer to an external drive, network drive or USB.

• iPhone, Android and Mobile – With SOS, users can access any files anytime from anywhere using their mobile device.

• Enterprise Compression & Transfer Systems – SOS backs up new and changed files only, significantly reducing backup and performance degradation. SOS also bundles built-in open file backup and resumable transfer.

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About SOS Online Backup
SOS Online Backup is the online backup technology leader. SOS Online Backup delivers simple, powerful and inexpensive online data backup for consumers, small businesses and enterprises worldwide. Operating a global backup network, SOS Online Backup provides continuous protection and security for customers’ valuable data investments with set apart features that include multiple redundancy and off-continental storage. SOS Online Backup has been the recipient of the PC Magazine Editors’ Choice Award since 2006.

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