Give Your Data the Best Cloud Archive Wingman

You never know when old data might become mission-critical, right? Whether it is meeting regulatory requirements or following good data protection practices, adopting a cloud archiving solution is the most affordable way to keep your data available.

Reduce Data Archiving Costs

Friends do not let friends throw hardware at the archiving problem. Introducing cloud archiving to your data, means less hardware and lower costs.

Address Compliance Requirements

Retain data in a secure, encrypted archive to better address industry mandated requirements.

Do Not Leave Your Archive Unlocked

Better data archiving solutions start with better security. It is why we provide double-blind encryption and give you the key.

Backup servers and applications on Microsoft, VMware, virtual servers, and mobile endpoints

Be an Archiving Compliance Guru

As your company moves into different industries, you want a cloud-archiving solution that lets you easily comply with federally mandated requirements. And security? We are on it.

Data Centers:

We use private key encryption along with double-blind encryption so only you can view or decrypt your data in the cloud.

Data Centers:

We operate in 8 independent data centers on four continents. Only you can view or decrypt your data.

Compliant Cloud:

Talk to us about the most robust security and compliance requirements.

Transform Your Business without Disrupting It

Infrascale brings a searchable cloud archive that fits into any environment and meets any deployment requirement.

VMware Ready:

Infrascale brings integrated backup, recovery and archiving to virtual environments.

Windows, iOS, Android, and more:

Infrascale supports a wide range of platforms and operating systems.

Physical and Virtual Servers:

Tired of deploying multiple solutions? We thought so, which is why Infrascale can protect physical and virtual servers, laptop fleets, and mobile devices.

Professional cloud backup deployment services with dedicated engineer

Powerful IT Controls

Optimize cloud archiving storage costs with powerful retention policy controls. At Infrascale, we let you determine what data is mission-critical and should be stored in the cloud: 

Forever Save:

Keep all, or the most recent version, of saved files in the cloud archive – forever. We keep all versions from the past week, and the most recent version from the past month.

Replication Mode:

Files are backed up to the cloud as they are added or changed, and removed from the cloud if they are deleted locally.

Local Purge Mode:

When files are backed up to the cloud, they are only kept for a specified set of days before being removed from the local machine storage.

Cloud Retention:

When files are backed up to the cloud, files are only kept for a specified set of days before being deleted from the server allowing administrators to comply with regulatory or internal mandates for data preservation.

How it Works

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