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How to Use Dropbox and Box Without Putting Your Data at Risk

As software creators have increased their adoption of cloud technologies the result has been growth, proliferation, and expansion of the software-as-a-service (SaaS) market. This growth has allowed SaaS application providers such as Box and Dropbox to evolve from being elementary services for sharing files among friends, to advanced and integral business solutions. Box and Dropbox […]

How to Protect Laptops and Desktops Using Endpoint Backup

Interviewer – John Gilroy – Host, Federal Tech Talk Podcast from the Federal News NetworkInterviewee – Chris Bayne – Infrascale, Chief Solution Architect A Conversation about Endpoint Backup with Chris Bayne, from Infrascale John Gilroy, host of the Federal Tech Talk Podcast sat down with Chris Bayne, Chief Solution Architect at Infrascale to discuss how […]

Infrascale presents Endpoint Backup Protection at Cloud Field Day 8!

It’s 2020 — it’s not a matter of IF your organization is going to be subject to a cybersecurity attack or data loss, it’s a matter of WHEN it occurs… and how you are able to deal with it.    Infrascale presented a feature overview of Infrascale Cloud Backup (ICB) – highlighting solutions for data loss, ransomware, and recovery for both – at Cloud Field Day 8 on July 17, 2020. […]

Infrascale Answers Three Key Questions Every Business Professional Should Be Able to Answer

Consider this:  What would you do if your work laptop was lost or stolen?  How would you respond if you discovered your laptop were infected with ransomware?  How easy should it be for you or your IT support team to come to your rescue?  Unfortunately, these three simple questions strike real fear into most business professionals. They don’t know how to react, don’t have a plan to quickly […]


We are thrilled to announce the latest release of the Infrascale Disaster Recovery product: IDR v8.0. This latest release, generally available on June 1, 2020, brought many exciting new updates to the IDR. Thank you to our Product and Development teams as we continue to strive to exceed our Partners’ expectations and continue toward our […]

World Backup Day 2020

Coming up on Tuesday, March 31, 2020 is World Backup Day. Your workforce, as are many others globally including ours, are likely now embracing a new normal of working from home – which means that you simply must ensure you’re backing up those computers that are now out of the office. We are in a […]