Orchestration: Your Secret Weapon for Faster DR


In today’s interconnected digital world, cyber-attacks and disasters pose significant threats to valuable data. With the increasing complexity of managing remote workers, equipment, and data centers, organizations need a robust disaster recovery (DR) solution to ensure business continuity. It’s important to explore the value of orchestration, its key components for businesses seeking optimal performance and minimal downtime. With the global digital landscape, every company, regardless of size, is vulnerable. Both large and small businesses face the risk of breaches, endangering their operations, brand, reputation, and revenue streams. According to a Deloitte Center for Controllership poll, “During the past 12 months, 34.5% of polled executives report that their organizations’ accounting and financial data were targeted by cyber adversaries. Within that group, 22% experienced at least one such cyber event and 12.5% experienced more than one.”  

The Significance of Orchestration: Downtime can result in substantial financial losses and productivity setbacks for any organization. Data breach costs continue to grow, according to new research, reaching a record-high global average of $4.45 million, representing a 15% increase over three years. To minimize these risks, implementing a DR solution with orchestration capabilities becomes paramount. Orchestration enables the seamless recovery of critical servers, applications, and their dependencies during an outage, ensuring that your business can swiftly resume operations. By having a well-planned and automated order of restoration, you can minimize disruptions and expedite the recovery process. 

Key Components of Orchestration: 

  • Runbooks: Infrascale’s DR solution offers comprehensive runbooks that define the recovery order of your systems (VMs). Unlike basic group-based approaches, runbooks allows the ability to specify the exact order in which applications are restored, providing maximum control and flexibility.
  • Testing: Testing the failover process is crucial to ensure that your DR solution functions as expected. Unlike some vendors who charge for tests or require formal disaster declarations, Infrascale offers a self-service failover solution, enabling IT administrators to test orchestration periodically. This puts the user in control, allowing for fine-tuned recovery procedures as system variables change over time.
  • Failback: Once production servers are up and running, Infrascale’s DR solution provides a smooth transition for failback. IT teams can easily rebuild hardware, restore applications, and operating systems without disrupting ongoing operations. Whether it’s physical machines or virtual environments, Infrascale simplifies the failback process, ensuring that any changes made during the outage are captured and restored seamlessly. 

Why Choose Infrascale for Orchestration? Infrascale understands the critical role of orchestration in effective disaster recovery. Our commitment to providing an exceptional user experience has led us to develop the easiest and one of the most customizable DR solutions in the market. With the drag-and-drop interface, users can effortlessly build out orchestration sequencing, allowing for quick and efficient recovery of your VMs and groups of VMs. Experience the power of Infrascale’s orchestration features and protect business continuity with confidence. 

With the rising cybersecurity risks and the increasing complexity of managing hybrid work environments, having a robust disaster recovery solution is vital for every organization. Infrascale’s advanced orchestration capabilities, including runbooks, scripting, testing, and failback, provide a comprehensive and user-friendly solution to minimize downtime and maximize business continuity. Streamline disaster recovery processes and protect critical data and applications effectively. Don’t let cyber-attacks or disasters disrupt operations—be prepared with Infrascale’s industry-leading orchestration features. Check out our “Master Your Disaster Recovery Plan with Better Orchestration” Webinar or schedule a demo to learn more. 

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