Railroad shipping company back on track – FAST – after massive hybrid ransomware attack

“In today’s world the ransomware is getting smarter… not only the ransomware is getting smarter, but the hackers, the intruders, are getting very intelligent and they’re doing what we call hybrid attacks.”
Scott Kalsic, Executive Consultant, Customized Systems Technologies (CST)

Scott Kalsic, Executive Consultant at Customized Systems Technologies (CST) tells us about one of their customers, a Midwestern railroad shipping company who experienced two major ransomware events – a hybrid attack. 

The attackers dropped ransomware payloads taking down the bulk of 35 servers on-premise and simultaneously compromised a senior executive’s password list, giving them the “keys to the kingdom”.

CST is a managed IT company based in Chicago, specializing in IT networks and network security.


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