We are excited to announce the latest release of the Infrascale Disaster Recovery product: IDR v7.1. This latest release, live as of this week, brought many exciting new updates to the Infrascale product. Thank you to our Product and Development teams as we continue to strive to exceed our Partners’ expectations and continue toward our goal of eradicating downtime and data loss for all businesses.


Additional Boot Verification Details 

New in IDR v7.1, are additional boot verification details. This includes a new feature where screenshots of boot information is now at your fingertips within the Monitoring tab in your Infrascale Dashboard. Be sure to check this out, and should you have any feedback to continue improving our processes, please let us know! 

New Ignyte Bare-Metal Backup Engine 

In this feature update, you will see a new, built from the ground up, faster bare-metal backup engine. This has been built by the Infrascale R&D team, and this feature will be the default for bare-metal backups in our next IDR release v8.0. 

Improved support for Hyper-V Clusters 

Walso add improved support for Hyper-V clusters, we also fixed existing Hyper-V and VMware backup bugs. IDR v 7.1 also features improved performance and reliability in DDFS replication to the cloud.


Overall, these updates were released with many other product improvements and bug fixes. As our technology continues to improve and evolve, keep your eyes peeled on our docs portal for all the details. You can always access this information at Looking for the detailed release notes for IDR v7.1Check out the release notes here

We’re also hosting a webinar on Wednesday, March 18, 2020 to walk through all the new features and what the mean to you. You can register ahead of time, or, simply watch the replay video on demand if you’ve missed it. Check out the webinar here.

Stay tuned for more exciting product updates down the road!

-The Infrascale Product Team 

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