Top 10 Reasons MSPS Grow Their Business with Infrascale 


Data loss can occur for various reasons, and it can be a major challenge for businesses of all sizes. Cyber-attacks, natural disasters, and human error are the top reasons for data loss. These factors alone should compel you to explore this opportunity for your clients. Infrascale, the most trusted data protection provider, offers a reseller program that helps you grow your business and increase your revenue. Here are the top 10 reasons why MSPs choose to grow their business with Infrascale: 

  1. Comprehensive: Everything needs to be covered. Comprehensive data protection, including backup and disaster recovery, file sharing, and cloud storage are necessary for customers of all sizes. Infrascale removes the barriers and complexity of secure, offsite data storage, and standby infrastructure for real-time disaster recovery.
  2. Proven: You need confidence for your clients’ data. Infrascale’s military-grade secure data protection solutions with real world, real-time, boot-ready scenarios, ensuring that your clients’ data is always safe, secure and encrypted. Infrascale is trusted by thousands of businesses worldwide.
  3. Competitive: Pricing matters for you and your client. As an Infrascale reseller, you’ll have access to our competitive pricing, which can help you win more deals and increase your profit margins. With Infrascale, you get a revolutionary DR solution that can be sold for the cost of backup and no capital investments required.
  4. Dedicated: Help needs to be ready at all times. Infrascale’s partners enjoy award-winning, dedicated support teams that ensure your success. Our team is ready to provide training, technical support, and marketing assistance to help you drive business.

  5. Profitable: Dependable revenue streams are a priority for your business. Our subscription-based pricing model provides you with recurring revenue, driving predictable, sustainable growth over time.

  6. Easy: Clients expect to quickly get up and running. Infrascale products include the fire and forget it technology. Automated reporting, simple dashboard design and boot-ready in minutes from the cloud are game-changing in the DRaaS space that will reduce your labor costs associated with management.
  7. Scalable: What happens as you and your customers grow over time? Infrascale’s solutions are designed to scale as your clients’ needs grow. Whether they need to protect a single device, server or an entire data center, our solutions can handle it all with enterprise grade failover for any sized organization.
  8. Flexible: Every client has a distinctive situation. Infrascale offers flexible solutions customized to meet the unique needs of your clients. Whether the solution includes a physical appliance, cloud, or hybrid integration with other applications, our solutions are flexible and adaptable.
  9. Proactive: Getting ahead of the game is important. Our solutions include proactive monitoring to identify potential issues before they become problems, ensuring that your clients’ data is always protected.
  10. Trusted: Reliable relationships matter. Infrascale is a trusted partner of MSPs and resellers worldwide. With a strong reputation for reliability and customer service, you can be confident in partnering with us to grow your business. Don’t take it from us, see what our partners say about us in some of these reviews. 

Partnering with Infrascale can help you expand your business, increase your revenue, and offer your clients a comprehensive data protection solution that meets their unique needs. Contact us today to schedule a short demo and get started. 


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