We put the A in ITRA

You are going to be hearing a lot about ITRA in the near future. It is a term that industry pundits devised to denote the next evolution of DRaaS. This is a new acronym that literally means Information Technology Resilience Assurance. According to the Oxford dictionary, Assurance means “a positive declaration intended to give confidence; a promise.” When applied to a a description for a solution, it would then follow that the word “assurance” should denote a promise of performance, but most solutions labeled as ITRA solutions today lack any promise to perform or SLA for specifying the expected performance and timeframe for full recovery.

Today, businesses want the ability to maintain acceptable service levels even in the event of severe disruptions to their applications, data and IT systems. This means not waiting around for a disaster to occur, but rather incorporating early detection of events that may lead to downtime along with automated processes to mitigate any damage and minimize their impact on uptime.  To meet the needs of the vast majority of businesses, this requires a solution that is affordable, automated and easy to use.

Infrascale takes the last letter very seriously. In fact, we believe the industry is applying the ITRA too freely and to solutions that do not really fit the definition of the term.  If you are buying assurance you want a guarantee not fluff. As the only vendor with a solution that includes a 15-Minute Failover Guarantee, we believe we put the A in ITRA.

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