2019 Winter Release


This Winter marks the latest release of the Infrascale Disaster Recovery service. IDR v6.17 brings new quality of life improvements, some key fixes and introduces the all new Infrascale Documentation Portal! A big thanks goes out to all current Partners as well as our Product and Development teams for working toward our mission of eradicating downtime and data loss for businesses of all sizes.


Retention 2.0 (Applies to VMware & Hyper-V retention policies)

Retention 2.0 will bring about new retention options for both VMware and Hyper-V backups. Now, backups can be configured to daily, weekly and monthly rollups, whereas previously all restore points were preserved. For customers that perform frequent backups, this change requires far less space on the appliance and prevents the need to replace over-filled hardware. In addition, this allows customers to configure long term retention for no additional cost!

Infrascale Documentation Portal

All new in v6.17, the Infrascale Documentation Portal! We have centralized all documentation for you in terms of specifications on each product, notes on getting started, release notes, product info, and more. This web portal with instant and full-text search functionality is an improvement on past documentation, where users had to rely on short, specific KB articles or downloadable PDF documents. The new documentation portal is practical, user friendly, and comprehensive. Should you have any feedback to continue improving our documentation portal, please let us know!

Unlimited VMware Incrementals

In this feature update, you can run one full VMware backup, and subsequently run incrementals forever. Currently after a certain number of incrementals, you’ll have to perform a full backup. This is not ideal for, say, a 10TB machine as the full backup will take quite a bit of time. Now that we’ve enabled unlimited VMware incrementals, you won’t need to run full backups any longer.

Restore Files to the Appliance Network Share

Need the ability to quickly restore individual email messages from an Exchange backup? An instant restore to a local network share allows for this to be done in minutes rather than hours. This release item allows users to instantly restore individual files from any backup job to the Appliance Network Share, including file-level jobs, MS Exchange backups, VMs and disk images. So, if an end user needs one individual email but can’t recall the subject line, the admin can perform a restore to the local network share and the end user can then search the content to find the individual file.


Below we’ve listed some of the additional items included in this release, which add up to yet another major quality of life improvement for our techs and their customers.

Windows Backup Agent UI Refresh

Now, we’ve simplified installation of the Windows Backup Agent for mass deployment. This will allow for a more simple mass deployment and results in a better user experience. Not only are there fewer steps to complete the installation, but a new user won’t need to move back and forth between the appliance and the machine to copy passwords as was previously required…


Keep your eyes peeled in the coming weeks for replication limiting! With replication limiting, we’ll soon give our customers the option to limit replication to just 1 job per day. Previously, multiple jobs per day would run and create a backup bottleneck. Soon, what you’ll see will help resolve any issues that may arise when the system can’t keep up with replication jobs. You will be able to set replication to once-per-day, which will decrease the amount of bandwidth used for replication. As these policies will work on a per-machine basis, you will have plenty of flexibility and control over these options.

Stay tuned for more exciting product updates down the road!

-The Infrascale Product Team

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