World Backup Day

World Backup Day 2020

Coming up on Tuesday, March 31, 2020 is World Backup Day. Your workforce, as are many others globally including ours, are likely now embracing a new normal of working from home – which means that you simply must ensure you’re backing up those computers that are now out of the office.

We are in a new world now. For many of us, our lives have changed overnight. As the world adapts to these unusual circumstances, don’t let accidentally deleted files, or even Ransomware hackers, become your priority by default. Backup your data and sleep – at least a little bit – easier at night.

Our conference calls from home look much different during COVID-19 than they did just a few weeks ago, and while we love the laughter that our pets and children bring, there’s additional risk involved when our delicate laptops are on the table.

Human factors aren’t the only risk to take into account, given the recent news: In the past month alone, Ransomware attacks have become increasingly common. Two of the latest examples in the healthcare space include hackers targeting the World Health Organization as well as a medical research firm on standby to work on a COVID-19 vaccine. Ransomware attacks happen across any industry, so unfortunately nobody is safeguarded against data breaches or data loss.

There are also additional security concerns for organizations which previously did not have a distributed workforce. While you’re ensuring your workers can feasibly work from home and have the technical support they require, your data could be left exposed and vulnerable. With this in mind, as World Backup Day approaches, there’s no better time to ensure your data is secure and always accessible.

Data protection plays an essential role in business continuity, and now is the time to address these vulnerabilities. As always, we remain committed to our customers and we’re standing by to best support you during these turbulent times.

If you’d like to review or discuss your backup or disaster recovery needs, call us on +1.877.896.3611.

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